Monday, August 22, 2016

All He requires is the heart and a willing mind

Hey y'all!!!!
How are y'all doing this week? Hopefully doing well! I am doing great! Missionary life is the best :)
Rundown of the week:
Monday: p-day was fun! We went looking at Goodwill to find some crazy outfits to try on haha! so that was great! After p-day we met a lady named R.! We shared briefly about the Restoration and she wants to learn more! yay! Then we saw S. B. briefly, read a scripture, and set a return appointment!
Tuesday: We had our district meeting! I gave a 7 minute training on becoming a consecrate (fully diligent) missionary! In the afternoon we went out with a girl in the ward, who's actually here only for a few weeks between semesters. She wanted to come out with us for a few hours so that was exciting! With her we were able to see M. We shared talked about God strengthening us through challenging times with her. Then we saw H and read Alma 32:26-27 about faith. Then we saw B and read Moroni 7:16 and talked about how we can know of truth for ourselves and we also talked about tithing. (haha I know that sounds super random... but B had a few questions about that). Then we had our weekly visit with Sister K so that was fun! And then sang at Golden Age! In the evening we had a really good lesson with the M. Family where we taught the Plan of Salvation! So it was a full teaching day! yay!!!
Wednesday we helped out at the Soup Kitchen! We also had interviews with our mission President! We had them as a companionship this time, much to the relief of Sister Coleman haha. He talked about goal setting for finding new people to teach! So that was good! In the evening we had a good lesson with S. B. where we read 3 Nephi 17 with him. Then we had our ward missionary meeting!
Thursday was exchanges!! I stayed in Inman with Sister Johanson (who I was in the MTC with so that's fun). We had yoga day! Yay :) Then we had a lesson with B. where we continued to (hopefully) answer her questions. She has desire to learn, but wants to learn very thoroughly haha! In the evening we saw K. who is still struggling a little bit, so right now we are really focusing on how much God loves her.
Friday we planned for our upcoming week! Then we had a good lesson with R. where we reviewed the Restoration with him! In the evening we had a lesson with J. where we read part of a conference talk with him. (President Utchdorf's from the April 2016 conference). Then we saw the B. family! We taught half of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They really like to talk, which is great! haha :)
Saturday we had a visit with the R. family (members of the ward). Then we saw N. (the N. that does not have a twin haha!) and read Alma 36 and talked about repentance with him! He compared the story to Saul/Paul which I thought was really cool!! In the evening we met an old man named Papa J. who was someone that is part of our "new" area with the ward split! So that's exciting! He is planning on coming to church this Sunday so fingers crossed :)
Sunday was another great day! J., K., the M. Family, K. (a less active we are working with), and B. were all there! It was really exciting to see B. there because we had lost contact with him for the past few weeks! Turns out he went back to school and has been super busy, but we were really exciting to see him there! yay!! In the evening we stopped in on K. (lady who's family we met a few weeks ago) and she told us they have all been reading the Book of Mormon and loving it! Even her teenagers! so that's pretty cool haha! Then we had a good lesson with J. and K. where we read 3 Nephi 1!
So it's been a really great week!
Now for some quotes, one fun and one spiritual.
I was reading this morning from the April 1998 conference. 
One of the talks was about missionaries and here's the fun quote:
"I thought you might be interested in several statistics shared with me during a recent visit to the Missionary Training Center. In one month the 3,000 missionaries consume over 5,000 pounds of dry cereal. That is over 2 1/2 tons. of that amount, 2,200 pounds I Lucky Charms. Lucky Charms is a popular breakfast dry cereal. Maybe one of the best preparations for being a missionary is to eat Lucky Charms. For you parents who try to focus your young men's eating habits on what you may consider is more nutritious food, you might be away that in one month missionaries consumed only 16 pounds of All Bran."
I just thought that was a funny and now y'all are a little bit more aware of what actually goes on in missionary life. Also to show how great it is to eat Lucky Charms! Who'd have ever thought all those years I was doing such great missionary preparation! (Shout out to you Mom! ;) )
Now a more spiritual quote haha :) Another talk I read was called "The Heart and a Willing Mind" from the same conference. The speaker is also talking about the importance of missions. He said, "I promise you that it will change your life and others' as God directs you on your mission. All He requires is 'the heart and a willing mind.' You can do so much good that it will astound you as you are changed and as you see others change." Serving a mission is the best! Everyone should go :) But I also know that people with name tags aren't the only missionaries. Anyone can and should be a missionary, no matter their situation in life.

I love y'all and hope y'all have a blessed week!
Love always,
Sister Amy Bennett :)
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