Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Enthusiasm makes all the difference :)

Hello Everyone!!!!

I hope that you have all had awesome weeks! My week has been amazing, to say the least! It started last Wednesday, June 24, when I entered the Provo MTC to start my journey as a missionary!!!! From the first second I popped out of the car, there have been so many miracles and tender mercies! The first is that one of my very best friends, Sister Danielle LeFevre, was my "host." She greeted me as I got out of the car and then helped me check into the MTC, get my name tag, find my residence, and then find my classroom! My name tag is a magnet, which is awesome! I didn't know it would be! Also I have run into so many people I know, including my roommate from college! The first excitement came on day two. They had an emergency meeting for all of the Sisters. We were all wondering what it was about. They finally told us that the residence building I was in (which by the way had only opened 5 days previously) had bats in it, so for health and safety purposes we were all moving buildings. At that point I was wishing that I had been lazy the day before and not just unpacked my stuff. But it all worked out in the end and after some confusion they put me back in the same room as my companion.

Speaking of my companion, her name is Sister Esquerra!! She is from Arizona. She is so amazing! She loves to play sports, especially volleyball. She was at BYU for a year and is studying mechanical engineering. She also is a Disney fanatic! We get a long really great!! We have had so much fun together and also been able to work well with the Spirit!! I am so grateful for her! She is also has a much better sense of direction than I do, so she is also my compass. With out her I would be lost, in so many ways! 

The Gluten Free food here is amazing!! Because of the new mission president seminar, we have been eating in the gym. Yesterday we went back into the cafeteria! The food has been delicious, and also very separated from everything else!!! It's the best!!!

My teachers are Sister Harrison, Brother Scherck (pronounced Shirk), and Brother Bennett. Funny enough, I actually am distantly related to Brother Bennett. Thank goodness they made me do the four generation family history chart!!! 

We have investigators here at the MTC we practice teaching on. Some are members role playing, and some are actually investigators. We have Ryan (who is my teacher role playing), Ny (pronounced like the work knee) who is from Madagascar going to UVU, and Chevin. Chevin was at a doctors appointment when we were supposed to meet with her, so we haven't had the chance to teach her yet. 

Ny is a really amazing woman. Like I said she is here for school. She has a roommate who is a member, but they never discussed religion. She had a lot of really great questions. The best part of that lesson was I really learned the importance of working together as a companionship. When Ny would ask questions, there were many that I didn't know the answer, or didn't know how to answer them. But Sister Esquerra was always prepared with an answer at the time. The same thing happened with her. The answers she didn't know, I did. The Spirit was able to put our strengths together because we have worked hard to get close as a companionship. 

I'm going to include a little spiritual experience from each week. This week's is about role playing. I've never been a fan of role playing. I've always found them hard and some what annoying, so I was a little discouraged that as an English speaking missionary, basically all we do is role playing. But I soon learned that if I treat the role play as real, (such as I think of Ryan as a different person than Brother Scherck) the Spirit and the Lord will treat the role play real as well. Some of the moments that I have felt the Spirit the strongest have been during role plays with Ryan or with the other missionaries in my district! Also that enthusiasm makes all the difference, especially to a group of missionaries getting up at 6:30 every morning!

Oh I forgot to talk about my district! They are amazing!! Everyone is so humble and we are basically family now! My district has 4 sisters and 8 elders. The sad thing is that none of the Elders are going to South Carolina. The 4 sisters are, but 6 of the Elders are going to Alaska, and the other 2 are going to Washington D.C., North. But that hasn't kept us from working close together :) The other fun news about me is that Sister Esquerra and I are the Sister Training Leaders for our Zone! This means that we over see the Sisters in my district and a few other districts! We also help with the orientation of the new missionaries that are coming in tomorrow! I can't believe that was me only a week ago!! 

I think that is is for this week!

I love you all so much and so does your Father in Heaven!


Sister Amy Bennett :)

Monday, June 29, 2015

The Lord knows and is aware of us :)

June 24, 2015

Dear Mom and Dad,

First off, how are you?? I am doing good! In this letter I will clear up a few myths about the MTC. Everyone told me the first day would be like a week. They all lied. It has been at least a year. Ha ha! It already feels weird not to have my name tag on my PJs. Second, it's actually really hard to call everyone Elder and Sister, especially yourself. I kept almost introducing myself as "Amy" not "Sister Bennett". Third, there is Gluten free food in the world that tastes good, besides mom's cooking. It is at the MTC. Cheesecake has never tasted so good, and I'm not even sick (knock on wood). Fourth, people say you'll see someone you know and have a few random connections. This is a myth because every third person you see you know, and you have a random connection with at least half of the other 2/3s. My random connections are : My companion is Sister Esquerra who lives in Brandon Perry's ward. Sister Johnson and I are on the same facebook page group. Sister Rhymer is in the Shum's ward. And last, but not least, I am related to my MTC teacher brother Bennett. I guess it is a good thing I did my family history book. Oh I actually forgot one. An Elder in my district is in the north canyon 5th Ward. (yes, our neighboring ward) And I'm sure that is only the beginning! Today went as follows: Sister Lefevre was my host, so she helped me with check in and my luggage. I was the first one in my room so I picked the top bunk by the window. Turns out my building just reopened early this week, so it is super nice. Then I went to my classroom where I met my teachers and district. There are four sisters, all going ot South Carolina! Six Elders going to Alaska and two Elders going to D.C. North. So it's awesome! My teachers are Brother Scherek (pronounced Shirk), brother Bennett and Sister Harrison. I've decided that our family's humor must be genetic because Brother Bennett has it too! (I keep wanting to call him Elder not brother) ha ha! Then after classroom we had our MTC Presidency welcome! They were all very nice and inspiring! Then we had our dinner at the late hour of 3:30 ha-ha! like I said earlier, the GF food was awesome and they already told me they have GF cereal, muffins and bagels in the morning. :D Then we had some time to unpack! I'm glad I have the one suitcase I'm not unpacking! It's very handy!! Then we had this group workshop with 60 missionaries where it was basically a group discussion with role playing investigators. The first investigator was a train wreck, but by the third and final one, we were doing a lot better! After that we met our Zone and got a brief tour of the MTC! Then I came back to my room, got ready for bed and wrote in my journal! Now I am just finishing writing the BEST parents EVER before bed in 5 minutes!

Quick spiritual thought is that the Lord knows and is aware of us. He never wants us to feel alone, and that is why there are so many connections and people you know at the MTC. It's the Lord blessing us for giving up so much to serve Him. But this same principle applies to any sacrifice we give to the Lord!

June 25, 2015-Today was a little crazy( and my clock was slow last night). So I don't have a ton of time, but I want to send this out tomorrow! Today was another awesome day! Most exciting part was the new building where I'm living I mentioned yesterday, actually has bats in it, so all the sisters were moved out so we spent the afternoon packing, moving, and unpacking! I can now say I was evicted from the MTC! Ha-ha! So we are a little behind on our lesson for our role playing investigator tomorrow! But Sister Esquerra continues to be SO awesome! We are already BEST Friends! We will also be the Sister Training Leaders starting Sunday! That's the highlight of TODAY!
I am excited to hear from you and get to email you more on Tuesday (my p-day!) I hope all is well for you!! I miss you so much and I'm keeping you in my prayers! Thank you for being such awesome supports!


love always,

Sister Amy 


(I have had to work to remember I'm Sister Bennett so getting to say Amy is AWESOME!)

Friday, June 26, 2015

Amy's first email... a quick hello to her parents from the MTC!


I AM SO EXCITED THAT I GET TO EMAIL YOU TODAY! But I have to be brief, and so I will be. They want me to tell you that I am alive, as I am sure we are all glad about. I just have to say that I LOVE the MTC!!! SOOOO much!! Plus the gluten free food is the best I've ever had other than mom's amazing cooking!!! My P-day is Tuesday which is when I get to email you more! Wahoo!! I am also sending out a letter! I was running late this morning (I'll explain more Tuesday) and didn't get it in the mailbox this morning and haven't had a break since then. But it's going in the mail box in 20 minutes! Other than that all I can say is to use dearelder.com but you knew that. You amazing parents you!! But honestly I am so good right now! I am keeping you both in my prayers and I can't wait to hear from you soon!!!!! 

Love always,

Sister Amers :)


2 Nephi 1:15 (or a scripture somewhere around there on God's love.)