Monday, July 4, 2016

A blessed week and a happy 4th of July!!!

Hey y'all!!!

I hope that you have had a great week!!!! We had a good but very full week!
Here is the run down:
Monday we had p-day! Then in the evening we had a good lesson with
M. and were able to review the restoration with her!!
Tuesday: we had a lesson with a less active V. and her friend
J. and read out of the Book of Mormon. We also saw R. and talked about
tender mercies of the Lord. Then we sang at Golden Age! In the evening
we had a lesson with an older lady named H. that Sis Coleman met on
Wednesday we had zone conference! So that was where all the
missionaries in this area have an all day long (9am-4pm) meeting where
our mission president is there and we get to learn from him! We
learned about less active work and the importance of obedience and
goal setting! So that was great! In the evening we had a lesson with
B. about recognizing the Holy Ghost.
Thursday we saw the I. family from the Ward. Then we had yoga day!!
Wahoo!!!!! In the evening we saw a man named A. and then had a
lesson with the M. family about temples!!
Friday was quite the adventure! The Tiwi box in our car that monitors
our driving died two weeks ago so it had to be replaced. The
unfortunate part was the it had to be replaced in Irmo at our mission
office. Irmo is over an hour and a half away and we had to be there at
8 am. So it made for a very early morning haha! So we were there for a
little while and then came back and did weekly planning. Luckily we
had time in the evening to go see a man named B.! So yeah that was
a crazy day!
Saturday we saw two less active families in the afternoon, the
N.s and a sister named V. We also met a lady named P.
and were able to teach her briefly. In the evening we had a lesson
with K. which was great!!
Sunday the M. Family came to church! After church we had a lesson with
S. about enduring to the end and in the evening we had a lesson
with a lady named B. about Christ strengthening us through
So yeah it was a really great week!! And today is the fourth so that's
pretty awesome! We had a Ward party/breakfast this morning and this
evening we are going to be helping out at a family history booth at a
fair in Spartanburg! So that should be good!!
But since the library is closed we are emailing on our iPads at the
church so no pictures today :( but that will mean more for next week
Spiritual thought of the week: a scripture that I really like is from
alma 32 (a fantastic chapter by the way). In verse 21 it says, "and no
as I said concerning faith- faith is not to have a perfect knowledge
of things; therefore if ye have faith ye hope for this which are not
seen, which are true." I really like this verse because it talks about
how we don't need to know everything in this life. Which I honestly
think is such a relief! We just need to trust in God and his plan for

I love the work, I love the people here, I love SC, I love my
companion, and I love y'all!!! I hope y'all have a blessed week and a
happy Fourth of July!!!!!!

Love always,
Sister Amy Bennett :)
July 4th Ward Breakfast! :)