Monday, September 5, 2016

Our direction is ever more important than our speed!

Hey y'all!!!!
I hope that y'all are having another great week! I am doing well! It's been another good adventurous week!!!
Oh for those of you who heard about the hurricane that hit South Carolina, I was just north of the storm so we had a windy and rainy day, but not enough to interfere with the work at all. So yay for the upstate!
Now on to the overview of the week:
Monday: p-day! We played games and had fun and all the usual stuff! So that was good! In the evening we went out with Sis F. in the ward to try some people, but no one was home :(
Tuesday: we saw R.  and we read a talk with him called "Therefore they hushed their fears" from April 2015 general conference and talked about how through God and Christ we can overcome our fears. We then quickly saw a lady named L. with a member, Sis R. We shared 1 Nephi 11:17 and talked about how it is okay not to know everything in this life, but that it is amazing that we have a God in Heaven who loves us. We then sang at Golden Age. We then were planning on eating
dinner at a park to save on miles. My tummy had been acting up a little bit, but when we got to the park it was feeling very grumpy. The women's bathroom was having problems and so I went into the men's (which didn't have a lock by the way). And I ended up throwing up. So I can cross throwing up in an unlocked men's park bathroom off of my unintentional bucket list. Haha! But we were in for the evening that day :(
Wednesday: we helped out at the soup kitchen which was as awesome as usual!!! Then we had a lesson with Papa J.  again! We retaught him the restoration and helped answer his questions and he wants to work towards being baptized on October 1st!!!! Wahoo :) in the evening we saw B. again and taught about the Ten Commandments. Then we had our missionary meeting!
Thursday: we had yoga day!! Which is always a pleasure :) afterwords we came in to plan for our upcoming week! At dinner time I ended up throwing up again so we had to be in again :(
Friday: we had a really good zone meeting! It was super positive and awesome which I really appreciate! So yay :) afterwords I got a priesthood blessing because I was still feeling really sick. And let me tell y'all, the priesthood is real. We had lunch after that meeting and it was the first meal since Monday that I was able to keep in so that was really exciting!! God is good :) we tried some more people after lunch. In the evening we started teaching the restoration to a man named L., but he got interrupted, so we'll be going back to finish another time. Then we met a less active named B. who had recently moved here and was really excited to see us. Then we had a really good lesson with K. where we read a conference talk Called "You matter to him" from October 2011 and talked about how much God loves her.
Saturday: in the afternoon we saw D. (a less active) and talked about faith. Then we saw R. again and talked about God is aware of us and has the power to heal us of anything we are going through. We went to dinner with an older man named B. from the Soup Kitchen and we were able to introduce the Book of Mormon and share a verse with him! In the evening we had a good lesson with the B. family. We talked about the importance of obedience and why God gives us commandments.
Then we saw S. and talked about how "our direction is ever more important than our speed". We then had a really great lesson with L. It was cool because since we just stopped by it wasn't a very long or formal lesson with her, but as we talked and shared Alma 30:44 the spirit was there so strong! One of the most powerful times I've felt the spirit on my mission, so that was cool!
Sunday was great! We had church which was awesome! B., J., the M Family, and the B. family were all there :) then in the afternoon we finished Sister Colemans training! (For her training we got an hour every day of extra study except p-day and Sunday was her last time!). Then in the evening we saw Sister K.  and had a really good lesson with her!
So it was a great week!

Now it is Monday and we are doing great! We are both healthy and
working hard! Transfers are this week and calls came out this morning
and.... We are both staying!!! :) Which came as a big surprise but I am
so excited for this next transfer!

Spiritual thought is a quote from Elder Maxwell from the April 2002
conference which says, "Moreover, though we live in a failing world,
we have not been sent here to fail." God loves us, He knows us, and He
will help us succeed :)

I love y'all so much and hope y'all have a blessed week and a happy Labor Day!

Love always,
Sister Amy Bennett :)

PS Since the library is closed today I can't email any pictures :(