Monday, December 14, 2015

Early Christmas!!!!!

Hey y'all!!!!
    This week was awesome!!! It felt so much like an early Christmas!!!
    Last Tuesday we had a member, Sister Lewis, drive us to the temple in Hopkins where we had a lesson on the temple grounds with B. As soon as we pulled into the parking lot Brenda started talking about how calm and peaceful she felt! It was awesome for both her and us missionaries to be on the temple grounds and feel the strong spirit that it brings! It was very powerful :)
    On Wednesday we had our Christmas Zone Conference!!! It was a two zone conference so it was the Columbia Zone and the West Columbia Zone (which is 1/3 of the mission). I got to see the Sisters that are in Lake Murray! it was fun to ask them how everything was going there!! We had a few trainings, then we ate lunch, then the fun began!! Each District performs a skit (and they can be live or prerecorded). We laughed because all the districts did a prerecorded skit! My District did a take on "Ferris Bueller's day Off." So it was about these missionaries that are pretending to be sick to get out of zone conference! It was pretty funny!! Then we got to watch a movie! We watched the BYUtv production "Silent Night" which is the story of the men who wrote the song Silent Night! I loved it, but it felt really weird to be watching a movie again haha!
    Something that was fun is on each Friday we have a long planning session to get ready for the next week! These usually take around 3 hours haha! This week we decided to be fun and take a time lapse of it! We had a good laugh about that :)
    Saturday, B. was baptized!!! She was so excited! It was really cool because she was actually sick, but still made the effort to come! She is also terrified of water , but worked to overcome her fears! It was cute after her baptism she first told us that she felt great! Then she said, "I have overcome my fear of water... NOT!" We laughed really hard! But it was a really cool day and we are excited to continue to work with her!
    We had a lesson this week with a 17 year old boy named J.!  He has a really cool last name (Hint: it's Bennett)! We have been meeting with him for a few weeks now and we were talking about baptism with him. He told us that he doesn't feel ready for baptism yet. Then we asked him if he would set a goal of working towards January 16th. He said he could be ready before then and would like to work towards January 9th instead. He also wants to invite several of his friends to meet with us! It's really cool to work with a teenager and see how open and excited he is about learning!
    Also exciting thing as far as transfers go... (background, Transfer are a week early this time around so they aren't two days before Christmas) But me and Sister Harvey get to stay together another transfer here in Camden!!! Unfortunately, both of the Elders are getting transferred. One is going home and the other is going somewhere else in the great state of South Carolina! So we will get to welcome two new Elders in just a few days!
    So yeah, it's been a great week to say the least! I hope that y'all are doing great! A quick spiritual thought is a Mormon message called "A Mother's Hope." It is SO good!!! My favorite part is at the end it talks about how faith overcomes fear and hope overcomes despair! I think that it is helpful to remember that Christ will help us overcome all things if we turn to Him and let Him take the reigns of our lives! I love y'all so much and hope y'all have a blessed week!
Love always,
Sister Amy Bennett!
On the Temple grounds with "B"
ON the Temple grounds with "B"
"B"'s Baptism!!  Early Christmas!!