Monday, December 28, 2015


Hey y'all!!!!
            I hope that y'all had a very Merry Christmas!!!! Mine was great! Definitely a Christmas I will never forget!!!! But we will get to that in a bit ;)
            At the beginning of this week we had our weekly District meeting, but at the end we had a white elephant!!! It was so much fun! The funny thing was that in the end up with each others presents (meaning I got the present that was brought by the person who got my present. And that happened with everyone ha-ha!). Definitely a highlight of the week!
            We had another lesson with J. This time we had a young man from the Ward come with us that goes to the same school as J. It was really cool to see how much better J. was able to understand the lesson when it was being taught by both us and a boy his age. So that was awesome!!!          
            Wednesday there was apparently a tornado warning, but as missionaries we don't really have access to that kind of information ha-ha! Luckily we had just barely gotten into our car when the storm hit and we were able to just stay there for a few minutes until it passed!  We felt like we were driving on a river after because of how much water was in the road ha-ha!   
            Thursday was Christmas Eve!! We spent the afternoon/evening with our bishop and his family and the Elders! We had a lot of fun playing games and eating dinner and just overall having a good time! Their daughter has a tiny harp which she let me play! So that was awesome!! Friday was Christmas!! We woke up, opened presents, had brunch with an active/less active member family! Then we came home and took a quick nap! Then we went and visited some of the members who are in the long term care at the hospital and sang some Christmas songs for them!! Then we went and had dinner with a big extended family where some members are in the Camden Ward and some are the Elgin! So that was a lot of fun! Then I got to FaceTime with my family!!!! Definitely a highlight of my day!!! Best Christmas present EVER!!!!!! Then we visited another member and then came and went to bed.
            That night I woke up about one in the morning to Sister Harvey throwing up. We were up most of the night with her throwing up. We have been inside since then trying to help Sister Harvey feel better. She has stopped throwing up, but she's still really week and really tired. She has been sleeping majority of the time. I have been entertaining myself with things like coloring, music, conference talks, cleaning, reading the scriptures, writing M. from Lake Murray, more cleaning, more music, doing a puzzle while listening to conference, learning hymns on the guitar, etc. Although the past two days have been long, they have been good! It's given me a lot of time to reflect and ponder on life which has actually helped answer some questions that I have had!! So I learned a valuable lesson that when we still try to make the most out of each situation and fill our time with meaningful things, God will always help us in these endeavors and bless us to recognize truth that we may not have seen otherwise!
            Sister Harvey was feeling good enough this morning for us to come and email, but we're going to go right back in after and get her a nap ha-ha! We have had quite a few members call in and check on us which has been super nice of them! It helps me remember that it doesn't take much to show others that care about them!
            So that's been this week! It's been a great adventure and I'm learning a ton!!! I hope that y'all are doing well and have a blessed week!
Talk to y'all next year (ha-ha)!

Love always,
Sister Amy Bennett
Christmas Eve Harp Playing!

Look what street we went onto on Christmas!!
Christmas Eve!

Christmas Eve Games and dinner with the wonderful Bishop's family!

Christmas Morning


Face timing the family showing Sister Harvey's Christmas gift!

Family Picture with Sister Bennett on face time and the Hassell family on Skype!