Monday, January 11, 2016

Busy as a Bee :)

Hey y'all!!!

I hope this morning finds y'all doing well and hopefully not too
frozen! I am still enjoying lovely weather in the 50s and 60s!
Everyone here is freaking out about how warm it is haha! But I am just
basking in the glorious rays of sun :)

This week was great!! We taught more lessons this week than we have
for a while, so that is always a good thing! If there's one thing a
missionary wants to be, it's busy! And that is what we were this week!

Monday we taught a lesson to a couple that we knocked into!

Tuesday we did service at the library!

Wednesday we did service at habitat and then went out teaching with a lady in our Ward!

Thursday we planned for this next week and had our Book of Mormon class!

Friday we had a big zone meeting! The best part about that was about a
month ago they asked me to be in charge of the musical number for this
meeting. I had a dream of getting my entire district to be in this
musical number. The hard part was that my district consists of me and
sister Harvey, and 6 Elders of which none of them really sing. But
between begging, peer pressure, and slight blackmail I finally
convinced them all to do it the night before haha! We sang a primary
song called "If The Savior Stood Beside Me." They actually sounded
really good! I am so proud of my Elders :) the rest of the day we
spent going to appointments!

Saturday we had to drive to Columbia to get the oil in our car changed
and the leak in the tire fixed. That only took the short time of 4
hours (not including travel time) haha! We had a lesson that evening
and that really took up the rest of our day!

Sunday we had church as usual! And with the new year it is now at
11:00 so that's fun! Then afterwards there was a farewell party for a
Sister who is leaving on her mission. She is an older single lady who
goes out teaching with us or gives us rides quite a bit! She's
hilarious and has very much become a grandma to me! She is going on
her mission to the family history center in Salt Lake! She will be
greatly missed! Sunday evening we had a missionary fireside at a
members home which was a lot of fun!

So it was a great but full week!!

Updates on a few people:
B. is still doing fantastic! She loves coming to church
(especially now that she gets to sleep in 2 more hours haha). She
loves to keep learning and just wants to take it all in! She really
wished that her family would start taking the lessons from us, but
they aren't willing to do that yet.

J. is still doing good! Even though his mom doesn't want him to be
baptized we are still able to go over and have lessons with him! We
had a really good lesson this week with him on why it is important to
read from the scriptures everyday. He wants to invite all his friends
to meet with us so that's pretty fun :)

A spiritual thought from this week! Something I really liked from my
studies this week is in Psalms 31:7. This psalm is one of my favorites
and this verse if just beautiful! It says:

"I will be glad and rejoice in they mercy: for thou hast considered my
trouble; thou hast known my soul in adversities."

I really like this scripture because it reminds me of how much Christ
knows us each and that He always knows how to best help us because He
has already been through everything we will!

I love y'all so much and hope y'all have a blessed week!!
Love always,
Sister Amy Bennett :)

1. Zone Picture

2. Proof that I got all my Elders to sing in the musical number!!!

3. Goodbye Sister Lewis!!