Monday, March 28, 2016

"The unfailing source of HOPE is that we are sons and daughters of God"... Happy EASTER!

Hey y'all!!!!
This week has been awesome and crazy and awesome!!
Brief run down of the week!
Monday and Tuesday were basically full of Sister Yancey running around saying goodbye to everyone and packing. We saw S. (9 year old girl we are teaching), Some members, R. (returning less active), B. (recent convert), and K. (another recent convert). So that was awesome but busy!! We did still sing at the retirement home Golden Age on Tuesday so that was good!!
Wednesday was the dreaded transfer meeting. A member drove us down to Irmo to say goodbye to Sister Yancey. That was really sad. The one bonus to that was I got to see my past companion Sister Harvey, who was going home! I was SO happy to see her!!!!! :):) Then Sister Staheli and I had to brave the world of Inman by ourselves. The adventure was while we were out my GPS came up saying it only had a few minutes left of life. No worries, because I had my charger! But then it decided to freak out and not work while being plugged in. So we had to use the last few minutes to go back to our house so we weren't lost eternally and then do things really close to our house ha, ha! Sister Staheli and I laugh because we basically feel like we are whitewashing. The other adventure is we used a lot of miles earlier in the month (especially with Sister Yancey saying goodbye to people, so we are super short on miles). So we've been trying to walk as much as possible!!!
Thursday we had Yoga Day which was awesome!!! Then we tried some people and then sang at Golden Age! I'm playing the piano, so that's always an adventure. Especially when the old people listening request we sing songs I've never heard before that are in the hymnbook we use there. ha, ha! Luckily they are very nice even if we don't sound super great :)  Now, since it stays light until about 8, we walked around for the evening. We ended up walking about 7 miles that evening!!! We got to meet a lot of people on the street so it was awesome!!!
Friday we had weekly planning!! And then we walked that afternoon. We walked about 6 miles and got to meet a lot of people that way too so that was great again! We are becoming big believers in walking ha, ha ;) We had our lesson with J. (yoga teacher) that evening which was awesome! And he didn't even make us do pushups during the lesson, which has been known to happen on several occasions ha, ha ;)
Saturday we went and did a craft with an older lady in the ward who has been feeling very lonely and sad. We built little popsicle stick frames for printed out quotes. It was a lot of fun! And "surprisingly" we walked around all Saturday afternoon!!! We got to meet a really cool man named J. He is very anti-Mormon, but he has been having a really rough few weeks. Because of that he let us talk to him and share a few of our beliefs with him. He wasn't interested in learning more or reading from the Book of Mormon, but it was probably my favorite contact on my  mission. It was such a testimony builder that if we are listening to the Spirit, God will place us exactly where we need to be. J. even told us that if we had walking by his house any other day, we would have kept on walking because he wouldn't have talked to us. So it was a really awesome experience to testify that we really do believe in Jesus Christ and accept Him as our Savior. Saturday night we watched the General Women's broadcast which was awesome!!! I LOVED the theme on service :)
Sunday  was Easter!!! We had 6 people at church which was super exciting!! The part member family, the M.s, were there this week again! They have been going to a different ward, but recently moved into our ward boundary so they are transition here and we will get to teach them soon which will be great! B. was there again and he brought his girlfriend's 14 year old son, J. That was really exciting because a couple weeks ago we asked B. if his girlfriend or J. would be at all interested and he said no. J. and his wife K. were there too so that was the best! Also I gave a talk about Easter and how because Christ rose again we have HOPE. The rest of Sunday we went around teaching people and had dinner with a family in the ward so that was great!!!!
So all in all it was a super awesome week!!!
My Spiritual thought I want to share is a quote I used in  my talk yesterday, the quote is by President Faust, "The unfailing source of hope is that we are sons and daughters of God and that His son, the Lord Jesus Christ, saved us from death." I am grateful for Christ and all He has done for me and you and everyone!!
I hope y'all had a happy Easter and have a blessed week!!! I love and miss y'all!!!
Love always,
Sister Amy Bennett :)
Inman!!! :)
Sister Staheli and Sister Bennett serve  in Inman
We don't want to say good bye to Sister Yancey! ;(
B is for Bennett!