Monday, April 4, 2016

What God asks of us is that we try and we try hard! :D

Hey y'all!!!
I hope y'all are doing well where ever in the world you are! But for me in SC, I'm doing fantastically! The sun is shining, the birds are singing, I get to email y'all, the work is great! So no complaints from me :)
Quick overview of the week:
Monday: for p-day we had our own Easter party including decorating gluten free sugar cookies and hiding eggs. Sister Staheli did such a good job I still haven't found my last one.... :) That night we were able to go and have a lesson with K. We are still reading through the Book of Mormon with her. Right now we are in 2 Nephi so that's an adventure haha :)
Tuesday: We had an awesome district meeting. Afterwards we usually have treats, but since I cannot eat the treats I brought with me a few of the GF sugar cookies from the day before. Turns out the new Spanish Elder in the district also has Celiac! So it's a good thing I brought more than one cookie so neither of us had to feel left out of the treat. Yay for Celiac friend!! haha We were able to see a few people that day and then sing at Golden Age. We got a new ward mission leader on Sunday and so we had dinner with him and his family and then talked a little bit about missionary work so that was awesome!
Wednesday: We volunteered at the Soup Kitchen! Wahoo!!! Remember that family from when I first got here when we were helping them gut their house and then repaint it? Well we went and helped them continue setting up their kitchen cupboards. They had them hung on the wall, but none of them had doors so we got to help with that! She's going to have a baby in like 2 weeks and he has a neck injury so they can't really do a lot right now so it was good to go help them!!! That evening we had a lesson with a part member family the Js. They are super nice and way into health. But they know how to do it tasty too! It was the first time in my life I actually enjoyed drinking a green smoothie hahaha! That night we went on exchanges (which is where we swap companions for 24 hours with our Sister Training Leaders). I went down to Spartanburg with Sister Bird.
Thursday: We volunteered at a place where we sorted through food donations that they give away to struggling families. So that was fun. We were able to then go and teach a few people. I really loved this exchange! Sister Bird is awesome! We had a great time and I learned a lot from her! She reminded me a lot of Sister Harvey so that was especially fun :)
Friday: We had our weekly planning which is always an adventure! Then we had a lesson with B. and told him about General Conference! That evening we had a lesson with a couple people and a lesson with R. (the returning less active). So it was a successful evening! We were trying to meet a different less active at one point and he wasn't home, but we were talking to his dad who was saying he has the two member sons (himself not being a member) and how one of them is on a mission in Brazil. So that's pretty cool!
Saturday and Sunday were General Conference!!! I loved the opportunity to hear from President Monson and the apostles!! It was cool to listen and receive answers for both me and those we are working with. On Saturday we watched with our ward mission leader's family (the Bs). On Sunday we watched with a family in our ward named the Ts. Sunday night we were also able to have a lesson with J. and K.!
So it was an awesome week :)
Spiritual thought brought to you by General Conference (surprise!): I really liked how several of the talks focused on how we don't need to be and we aren't going to be perfect in this life. What God asks of us is that we try and we try hard. And even if we aren't successful, He recognizes our efforts. I really loved in President Utchdorf's talk how he talked about the beautiful building that was destroyed in World War II and how basically nothing was remaining, but they were able to rebuild it. And then he compared it to no matter how broken we are or we feel, Christ is able to rebuild us. I add my testimony to his that God knows and loves us all. That He already paid the price and is waiting for us to turn to Him so He can rebuild us. I love general conference and I'm grateful for technology so I can go back and read them again!
I love y'all and hope y'all have a blessed week!!!!! Carry a prayer in your heart always :)
Love always,
Sister Amy Bennett :)

Our Easter Cookies and Party

Watching General Conference