Monday, May 9, 2016

Loving His way more than we love ourselves and our own agenda...

Hey y'all!!!
We had another fantastic week here in Boiling Springs, but I can't believe it's already Monday again! Time is still going way to fast!!
Run down of the week:
Monday we had p-day!! Then in the evening we had another lesson with B. She's been going through some hard things recently, so she's really appreciated the support system we've been giving her.
Tuesday we were able to see the less active K, again! After our lesson we helped her clean around her house because she works a lot and her day off is when she cleans, but she had unexpectedly had to baby sit another little girl (along with taking care of her adorable little baby) and so she hadn't been able to clean. Then we sang at Golden Age! Afterwards we saw B. and had a lesson with him! Then we saw an older man named B. We had met him once before. We had a good visit/lesson with him. At the end he said, "Now I want you two girls to remember that you have a friend in South Carolina (talking about himself)." It was so sweet!
Wednesday we worked at the soup kitchen! Then we visited Sister K. from the ward. In the evening we met a potential named C. (I swear every other person we meet is named C.). He was pretty intense haha, but we still had a good lesson with him!
Thursday we had yoga day and singing at Golden Age!!! In the evening we had an appointment with a lady who was working with the Elders in Spartanburg, but then moved into our area. She and her four friends all listened into the lesson! It's cool teaching several people at one time, but it's also a little hard because they are all on different spiritual levels. But it was fun! Then we had a lesson with K.!!
Friday we had weekly planning! Then we went out with Sister F. and saw a lady named A. Then we had a lesson with R. about missionary work! His baby possums are getting bigger! haha :) They are so cute though! In the evening we had a lesson with J.! At the beginning of our lesson he showed us how to make rope out of tree bark! It was really cool!!!
Saturday we got to teach an older lady named M. We met a less active who has a really weird work schedule so missionaries in the past have had a hard time catching her. She was about to leave for a wedding, but after a few minutes of talking to her she said she wanted us to come back. She gave us her phone number and her work schedule. She said she normally didn't like inviting the missionaries back, but that she had a good vibe about us and wanted to have a visit with us! So that was awesome! Then we saw a guy named B.  (we taught him last Saturday as well). This week he had his nephew and his nephew's cousin there as well so that was really cool!! Then that evening we saw S. and S. We did a fun lesson on service and talking about how Christ led the example on doing service. We each had three pairs of paper shoe prints. On the first pair we wrote down service acts that a girl did in a video we showed. The second pair we wrote things Christ did to serve others. On the third pair we wrote what we can do to serve others. Then each took turns placing the shoe prints in a funny path on the ground and followed it (because we should follow Christ's footsteps and serve others). It was so much fun and S. loved it!!!
Sunday was awesome!!!! We had Church! The M. Family came! B. was really sick so he unfortunately wasn't able to come. Then we had a visit with the less active G. C.! It was a really cool visit!! Long story short, he explained to us why he had asked missionaries not to come back, but then told us how grateful he was that Sister Staheli and I were visiting him. He started crying and saying how much it's helped him at this hard time in his life. That was awesome! Then we saw the M. Family at Brother R.'s house! They had wanted to ask Brother R. some questions and Bro R. invited us to come along so that was great! Then we got to call home!!! That was fantastic!!! Definitely a highlight of my week!!! :):) Then we saw Sister K. again since she lives alone and it was Mother's Day.
So this week was really great :):)
Quick Spiritual thought: This morning I read a conference talk "Yielding Our Hearts to God." from the October 2015 Conference. It was a really good talk about how much we need to trust in God and His timing. One line that really stood out to me was "Can we love Jesus Christ and His way more than we love ourselves and our own agenda?" I liked that because sometimes it's really hard to turn our will over to God and Christ. But the more we focus on our love for Them and Their love for us, the easier it is :)
I love y'all so much and hope y'all have a blessed week!!
Love always,
Sister Amy Bennett :)
Sending Mother's Day love!!

Our butterfly friend!