Monday, May 2, 2016

God knows us and He will use us according to our strengths

Hey y'all!!
We have had another fantastically busy week here in the Boiling Springs ward!!! The big news of this week is that Wednesday is transfers... and.... we are both staying!!! Wahoo!!! I'm super excited!! Sister Staheli is awesome and the area is doing really well right now so we are both thrilled to have us both be staying here!! I figured I wouldn't keep y'all in suspense the whole email... but I did consider it haha ;)
Now for the run down of the week:
Monday was p-day! Nothing too exciting to report about that! In the evening we were able to see an older lady from the ward, Sister K. As well as have a lesson with a lady named B. that we met last week. That went well and we were able to review the restoration and purpose of the Book of Mormon with her!
Tuesday we had another District meeting which was awesome! There was a really great training about gaining spiritual knowledge, given by one of the elders in the district. Then we were able to see R. (the returning less active) and his friend S. The most exciting thing about that visit was that over the weekend the got a pet possum that had 8 babies! So we got to hold an adult possum and baby possums! At one point I was holding the mom possum on my lap and she curled up next to me and fell asleep with all her babies on her tummy! I never thought a possum could be so cute!! haha! But it was definitely a moment of "I'm not in Utah anymore" haha! Then we went on another exchange! Our Sister Training Leaders decided to do two exchanges with all the sisters this transfer. This time I stayed in Inman with Sister Johanson (who I was actually in the MTC with so that was fun). We sang at Golden Age retirement center that afternoon and then in the evening we saw B. again. We had another great lesson with him about prayer/the priesthood. Then we met a man named W.! So that was a great evening!!
Wednesday we worked at the soup kitchen in the morning which is always a blast!!! Then we unexchanged. We were able to the briefly see a man named M. we met last week. That evening we had a meeting with our Bishop and other ward leaders to discuss a few things so that went well!! Thursday we had our yoga class with J. which was as awesome as ever haha! Then in the afternoon we were able to see a lady named L. and an older lady named E. and then sing at Golden Age! That evening we saw K. and we able to talk with her about the importance of weekly church attendance. K. is so awesome!!
Friday we had weekly planning! Then we went and tried a few people with Sister F. from the ward. Then we had to travel down to Spartanburg to go to Firestone. We had driven over a screw earlier in the week so we had to get our tire fixed. 😑 But it ended up being a good thing!! We were looking around at some of the stores nearby (including a comic book store that J. works at. Unfortunately he had left 10 minutes before we got there). While leaving one of the stores one of the workers came up and started talking to us and he actually ended up being a less active member of our ward that had moved and we had no idea where he was or how to get contact with him. We were able to meet him and hear he still lives in our ward boundary and he's been trying to come to church, but he works Sunday morning and his ride is late and he can't make it to church. He said he's going to come as soon as he gets a car, which he is about to get one. So that was cool!!
Saturday was awesome!! In the morning we were able to meet a man named C. In the afternoon we met a man named D., who actually called us over to his porch to talk with him. In the afternoon we were walking (we did a lot of walking Saturday) to go see someone, and we walked by B.'s house. (the lady who's super interested, but her husband is not being very nice). She happened to walk outside the same time we were walking by her house so we were able to make contact with her again which was such a tender mercy!!! Then we taught the restoration to a man named B. we met last week. In the evening we were able to meet a few potentials we hadn't meet before. And have another lesson with a part member family (R. and K. N.) that we met a couple weeks ago. We were also able to see S. and K. that evening! So it was awesome!!
Then on Sunday we had church!! The part member family the M.s came, and so did B. and his unofficial step son J.! J. and K. made it to the third hour! So that was really exciting!! Then we were able to see a recently returned member, Brother K. Then a man named A. we have been working with on and off. Then we had our final pass off lesson with the M.Family. We should now be fully over them so that's exciting!! That evening we saw S. again and then had a lesson with J. and K.!! So it was a really great week!!
A spiritual thought for this week is that God knows us and He will use us according to our strengths. For example God knows me and He knows that I'm a little kid. And this week He used that to further his work. I actually had "dragged" Sister Staheli to go look around Toys R Us while waiting for our car which is where we were able to meet the less active Jacob. So I know that God is aware of each of us. He knows our strengths, our weeknesses, and our personality quirks and He will use us the way we are to accomplish His purposes. He's pretty awesome that way :)

Well I love y'all so much and I am excited for this next transfer! I hope y'all have a blessed week!!

Love always,
Sister Amy Bennett :)
Mother Possum and her babies!

Holding the 9 possums!

The District

Working with some of our favorite people!!