Monday, May 16, 2016

The primary things we need to be doing to keep our testimony strong

Hey y'all!!!!
How is your week going?? I hope well!!! Here is a quick run down of my week:
Monday we had p-day!! Then that evening our plan, and our back up plan, and our back up back up plan all fell through. So we went with our back up, back up, back up plan, which was to try a less active. She let us in, but didn't seem super interested. We had a quick visit with her because she was just about to leave. After we shared a quick scripture she said, "Do you know what's funny? I haven't seen missionaries in almost a year. And then you two show up today. On the four year anniversary of the death of my husband." And you could tell that meant a lot to her. So that was really cool! So sometimes plans fall through because God needs us to be somewhere else.
Tuesday was a good day! We saw a lady in our ward, Sister I., then we sang at Golden Age. Then we had a lesson with the M. family! (The part member family that has been coming to church.)  Then after we had another lesson with a lady named L. we met a few weeks ago.
Wednesday we worked at the soup kitchen in the morning! That afternoon we tried a lot of people who weren't home. We did get to see a less active lady, due to health challenges , Sister S. That evening we had a really good lesson with B. and then had our ward coordination meeting!
Thursday we had weekly planning! Then we had yoga day!!! That was awesome :) Then we had a lesson with a lady named L.P. and her friend B. Then sang at Golden Age! That evening we had a lesson with K.!
Friday we had our Zone meeting (ztm) and I really enjoyed it, so that was good! We talked a lot about faith and I loved that! Also we passed our car inspection! We then went and saw R That evening we had a lesson with J.
Saturday I got struck down by the stomach plague. I'd been having some issues the day before, but not too terribly bad. But when I woke up Saturday I couldn't even get out of bed! And anytime I tried to stand up or move around too much I almost went down. I was really sad because we had to cancel some appointments :( Also we had adult session of stake conference that we weren't able to go to. So Saturday was kind of a bummer.
Sunday I was slightly improved so we were able to go to Stake Conference!! Yay!! It was awesome! And B. and the M. Family came which was fantastic!! It nearly did me in so we came home and I took a nap haha! Then we went to try to see K., S., and S. But their dad had unexpectedly come to pick them up for the day so we didn't actually get to see them. That evening we had a little fireside type thing. Our ward mission leader invited B., J. , and some of the Elder's investigators to come to his house for dinner and to watch the Testaments movie (about Christ coming to the America's). There's the part towards the end where one of the wicked people is trying to escape during the giant earthquake and he gets smashed by the rock carving of himself. At that part B. put his arms out and shrugged his shoulders and said, "well I guess that's fitting." it was pretty funny!
So that was our week!! And hopefully this week neither of us will get sick haha ;)

A quick spiritual thought for the day:
Our stake president in stake conference yesterday gave a talk about the "primary answers" of "read the scriptures, pray, and go to church."  He talked about how we call them the "primary answers" because they are the answers we teach our kids in primary. But they should be the "primary answers" meaning these are the primary things we need to be doing to keep our testimony strong. They are the basis of our foundation and as we slack on doing these we grow bigger and bigger cracks in our foundation until it crumbles and we lose our testimony. So even though they are simple and the "primary answers", I've seen on my mission just how primary these things are to our testimony.

I hope y'all have a great week and you know how much I love y'all!!!! Have a fantastic week!
Love always,
Sister Amy Bennett :)