Monday, November 14, 2016

Ben on the Picket Fence

Hey y'all!
Sister Pickett and I decided we should start a band and name it "Ben
on the Pickett Fence" yup, we think we are hilarious!
Man this week was crazy! Where to begin? Probably with Monday haha ;)
Monday was super awesome! The sisters in the Dutch Fork Ward knew a
member in their Ward who played the harp and they worked it out where
I was able to go play the harp for over an hour and it was seriously
the best pday of my entire mission! I was so excited! And I managed to
only get one blister so that was a miracle! Then in the evening we had
a super good lesson with J. and B. We brought W. along and
she and J. clicked right away! It was awesome! But we talked about
the sacrament with them and it was really good.
Tuesday was crazy! We had our district meeting in the morning. And the
zone leaders came to visit our district meeting and it got work out
some way or another where I actually did a musical number with one of
the zone leaders. We sang "What Child is this?" While I played my
guitar. The other crazy thing was that President Turner (the mission
president) randomly decided to come to our district meeting as well.
After the meeting he said he wanted to talk to me and Elder Jacobsen
(the zone leader I sang with). He asked us what we both had going on
that day at 3. And let's just say that when your mission president
asks what you have going on your answer is "what ever you want me to
have going on" haha ;). Well anyway he said that there was a training
meeting for all the senior couples in the mission at his home going on
and that he wanted us to come perform that song as a musical number
for them. So of course we cleared our schedule and went to the
mission home at 3. When we got there he said, "when was the last time
you were able to just sit and relax for a half hour completely guilt
free?" And then explained he had told us the wrong time and that the
meeting was at 3:30 and so we just sat talking with the zone leaders
and President for a half hour haha! The second time around with the
musical number went well too! And then in the evening we had our
branch missionary meeting! So it was a crazy day haha!
Wednesday we went and volunteered at We Care. Then on the way home we
had to drop by the store. At the check out stand there were three
elderly sisters behind us and one of them passed out and the other two
sisters started freaking out because apparently this sister had done it
before and had died and was revived. So then 911 was called and
honestly thought I was about to watch someone die. But the ambulance
came and she seemed to be okay. But it was cool timing for us to be
there because we were able to reach out and comfort these sisters.
After that we went and had dinner with M. and P. at J. and
S.'s house! We talked about the importance of the Book of Mormon.
Then for the evening we actually went and helped out with young men's!
They were going to the mall and doing "random acts of kindness" and so
they would spin a wheel and do the little act of kindness that it
landed on i.e. Give a stranger a complement. Since it was going up
and talking to strangers and that's basically all we do as
missionaries they wanted us there to help out, so it was a lot of fun!
Thursday we went and did service for B. This time we helped her
out with her yard and actually the Elders from the Newberry Ward came
and helped us out so that was really good! After that we helped W.
do some family history! In the evening we saw a guy named J. and
talked about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. Then we saw B.
and Z. They actually moved on Saturday so that was our last time
seen them :( but we talked about temples!
Friday we planned for our upcoming week! Then we went and did more
service for C. and R.! Then in the evening we saw M. and
P. and talked about the importance of scriptures!
Saturday was a day that was one of those days that better helps you
appreciate the good days. Haha ;) but we did get to see A. and
T. in the evening, a recent convert family who kinda dropped off
right after her baptism. We talked about the importance of God's love
for us!
Sunday was awesome! Sister Pickett and I spoke in sacrament meeting!
M., P., C., R., A. and her daughter were there! It
was awesome!!! In the evening we saw the K.s, members of the
Branch, and we also saw a lady named S. and we also talked about
the Book of Mormon with her!
So it was a good, but eventful week! Haha!
Spiritual thought is a quote by President Boyd K Packer. “It was meant
to be that life would be a challenge. To suffer some anxiety, some
depression, some disappointment, even some failure is normal. Teach
our members that if they have a good, miserable day once in a while,
or several in a row, to stand steady and face them. Things will
straighten out. There is great purpose in our struggle in life” part
of the purpose in life is to have challenges and those are only there
to help us grow closer to our Savior Jesus Christ!
I love y'all and hope y'all have a blessed week!
Love always,
Sister Amy Bennett :)

Rain fun

The District

P-day harp