Monday, November 7, 2016

When Christ is the focus on our lives we can be happy no matter the situation

Hey y'all!!!
I hope y'all had a fantastic week, because I sure did! Mission life is just awesome :) Hard work, but awesome :) 
Here is the run down of the week;
Monday was Halloween! It was super crazy because we had p-day, but they never let the missionaries out for Halloween evening so it was basically an all day p-day! It was super weird! So during out time in for the evening we carved pumpkins and watched the face to face event for the youth with Studio C! It was actually super, super good! It was a good combination of funny, but also really inspiring!!!! 
Tuesday: We saw J. and S. (the recent converts) and we talked to them about different ways they can do missionary work! Then we went and did service for an investigator named C. C. and her mom R. were going through their attic and getting ready for a yard sale they are having on Saturday! They have meet on and off with missionaries for a little bit, but they don't know a whole lot. C. is a cute teenager and it was just a really good interaction with her! She is so nice!  Then in the evening we had our branch missionary meeting!
Wednesday: We shook things up a little bit and helped out at We Care on Wednesday this week! It was really fun! Our job this week was actually taking the food out to the clients so it was really awesome to get to interact with them! Then in the afternoon we went around trying to meet people. WE met a really awesome lady named H. who was super friendly! We talked with her about the book of Mormon and she said we could come back :) In the evening we had a realkly good lesson with M. and P. where we talked about keeping the Sabbath day holy! 
Thursday: We had our weekly planning session, which is always good! Then in the afternoon we visited with Sister L. (the lady in the ward whose husband died recently). Then in the evening we saw W. (recent convert) and had a good lesson with her!
Friday we had ZTM!! (Zone Training Meeting). The meeting was super good! I had actually been asked do to 20 minutes of prelude on my guitar while singing, so that was a little intimidating, but it went really well! Also we had a funny moment where one of the zone leaders, in all seriousness, told the elders that in January their cars were getting taken away and they were all becoming bike elders. Everyone in the room just paused and you could have heard a pin drop and then the Zone Leader started laughing super hard and said just kidding. Probably the funniest moment on my mission (well at least at a zone meeting). He sure scared all the elders hahaha! After that we went and helped C.and R. get ready for their yard sale. Then in the evening we saw Z. and B. and had a good lesson with them on the Sacrament! 
Saturday: We had a really fun relief society activity where everyone was making fun crafts! So that was a lot of fun! M. came to that as well as W. and a few less actives! So it was great :) Then in the afternoon we had a little lesson with a family in the ward, the H.s. And then in the evening we had a lesson with another family in the ward the R.s. Then we went and saw M. and P. again! We read 3 Nephi 17 with them and they all really liked it! So that was super cool! 
Sunday was great! Church was good as always! M.S.. She was really nice and we read Alma 22:14 with her. In the evening we saw another family in the ward the B. and talked with them about missionary work! 
So it was another super awesome week! I am blessed :) 
Spiritual thought: This week I've been reading in the Book of Mormon during the war chapters. And I came across a verse in Alma 50 that I really liked. In this chapter it was talking about how even though the Nephite people were at war and it was a really hard time for them that when they were faithful the Lord would watch over them. In verse 23 it says, "But behold there never was a happier time amonth the people of Nephi, since the days of Nephi, than in the days of Moroni." And it just got me thinking about how happiness really isn't circumstantial. That when Christ is the focus on our lives we can be happy no matter the situation. And that has really rang true for me on my mission. I have found so much joy in my mission because I am doing the Lord's will. Even on days when we aren't able to teach or people aren't nice for us or appointments fall through I am still happy because the Lord's got my back. 
I love y'all and hope y'all have a blessed week!
Love always,
Sister Amy Bennett :) 
Halloween Pumpkin Carving
Reunited with Sister Staheli at Zone Meeting
Our Zone