Monday, November 28, 2016

When we rely on Christ and are strengthened by him, we really can do anything

Hey y'all!!
I hope y'all had a fantastic Thankful Thursday (aka Thanksgiving haha!). We had a great week here in Chapin! 
Monday: We had p-day! We went to Irmo and hung out with quite a few of the Sisters in our Zone so that was a ton of fun! In the evening we saw M., R., and P.! We taught about the importance of prayer and how prayer can impact us daily. 
Tuesday: We had district meeting! And you'll never guess.. I did a musical number haha! This time Sister Pickett and I did a duet. We sang "In Christ Alone" and it was awesome! #BenOnThePickettFence Then in the afternoon we went out finding. We met a lady named T. and then a guy named TJ we talked to both of them about the Book of Mormon! Then in the evening we had a Relief Society activity where we were making freezer meals! So that was a lot of fun!
Wednesday: In the afternoon we went out trying a lot of people. In the evening we saw C. and watched the video "Hope of God's light" with her! Then we saw C. and R. With then we talked about how our trials help us to grow closer to Christ! 
Thursday was Thanksgiving!!! It was a fantastic day!!! We were orginally going to a combined zone sisters activity so we were picking up the dutch fork sisters and right as we got there we got a texted saying the location had changed so it was going to be too far away for us with the amount of miles we had left this month. So we just hung out with the Dutch Fork sisters instead! One of the sisters earlier on her mission had made a Book of Mormon version of Candy Land so we played that and it was awesome! haha :) Then we went and had dinner with some ward members, the J.! They were super nice and we had a lot of fun! We also went and had dessert with the Z.s! So it was a fun and full day!! 
Friday: We went and helped out at the mission office, which was a blast! With Christmas coming closer they are getting more mail so they have missionaries come in a help with the forwarding mail process so it was a lot of fun! We then went and had lunch with J. and talked with her about prayer! We then started to plan for our upcoming week! Then we went out to try some people for the evening! Funny story was that our appointment that night had forgot we were coming and were in the middle of watching Big Hero 6. I recognized it just by the sound of it as soon as the opened the door! Haha! So we rescheduled with them.
Saturday: I had accidentally been fed wheat somewhere in the process of this week and so I was out. We stayed in most of the day Saturday. I don't think I've slept so much in a single day my whole life. Sister Pickett is a saint and had such a good attitude about it! In the evening we went and saw a lady named P. And then we saw M. and P.! We had a good lesson with them talking about baptism!
Sunday: We had church, which went well! M. and P. came, as usual! So it was great :) We finished planning for our week after church. And in the evening we saw J. and B.! We taught B. the Restoration and had a really great lesson and we set the goal for him to be baptized December 31! So it was awesome!
So we had another great week!
 Spiritual thought: Something I've been learning a lot about on my  mission is the topic of Grace. So I wanted to share a quote I found on it by President Utchdorf that I really like, "A powerful expression of that love is what the scriptures often call the grace of God- the divine assistance and endowment of strength by which we grow from the flawed and limited beings we are now into exalted beings of truth and light, until we are glorified in truth and  know all things." My mission has really come to show me that when we rely on Christ and are strengthened by him, we really can do anything. And that is what the scriptures mean when they talk about Grace. 
I love this Gospel and I know that it is true.
I hope that y'all have a blessed week! Love y'all!!
Love always,
Sister Amy Bennett :) 
Happy to be staying together for another transfer

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