Monday, December 5, 2016

When ye are in the service of your fellow beings ye are only in the service of your God!-

Hey y'all!!!

And actually I'm still rocking the short sleeves, so it doesn't really look like Christmas here... but it's December and people have put some decorations up so I'm trying to imagine the snow haha ;)

This week was another good week! (which tends to happen a lot ;) )

Here is the run down:
Monday was a fun p-day! We went and hung out with the Dutch Fork Sisters and said goodbye to Sister Burt because she was getting transferred, :( sad day! Then in the evening we saw a less active named W. B.! She is basically just like Mamma Oddie off of "The Princess and the Frog". So that's pretty fun! She's had 3 people in her family die in the past month and so we watch a video called "Mountains to Climb" and talked about the reason for trials in our lives. Then we went and saw W.! We read out of the Book of Mormon with her. We read where she was at in her reading, which meant we read right in the middle of Second Nephi. Gotta love that Isaiah!

Tuesday: So Tuesday morning the Zone Leaders called us saying that President called them asking for Elder Jacobsen (the zone leader I sang with at the mission home a few weeks ago) and I to do a musical number at the meeting President has with all the Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders (which is taking place tomorrow). The one problem was Elder Jacobsen got transferred to be a zone leader in Charleston and so we had to go practice with him on Tuesday before he got transferred ha ha! So we put together a little musical number that will hopefully be pretty good haha! Then we met a lady named K. and showed her the Church's new Christmas video!!!! #LightTheWorld Then we saw TJ again and also showed him the Christmas video (we've been doing that a lot this week and LOVE it). We also had dinner with a former investigator named A.!

Wednesday: We helped out at We Care again! That was really good! Then we went and had a lesson with a lady named N.! Sister Pickett and I finally got to teach a full restoration! That was a first for our companionship and it was awesome :) In the evening we saw B. and J. again! B. is just as cute as ever! We taught him the Plan of Salvation using cut outs and then had him teach it back to us. Teaching 9 year olds really is just the best!

Thursday: This week the Chapin, Dutch Fork, and Irmo wards did a combined "Nativity Celebration" where they had a ton of nativities set up and then had live music going. So on Thursday we spent a good chunk of the day helping set up for that. Then in the evening we had a really good lesson with M., R., and P.!!! We also showed the Christmas video to them, hehe :)

Friday: We had weekly planning. Then we went and did service at Jerry's boxing gym again! And then we went to the Nativity Celebration. Okay here's where it gets fun! Sister Welch (Dutch Fork) plays the violin and had this great idea that we could do a harp/violin duet as part of the live music at the celebration because the member in the Dutch Fork ward was bringing her harp anyway. (Which was a fantastic idea!) The funny part was that we didn't get to practice before hand. So literally the first time playing these songs ever was in front of people! It went mostly good haha! I only had to ask Sister Welch where we were once ;) But it actually went really well all things considered! So it was a blast!

Saturday: We saw W. B. again in the morning and... also showed her the Christmas video ;) Then we had lunch with C.! Then we went to the Nativity Celebration again! We played the harp and violin again and it went much better the second day! Then we went to go see J. and B., but when we arrived, J. wasn't back from work yet.

Sunday: Church was good! Then we had lunch with members, the B.s, and J. and S.! So that was fun! In the evening we went and watched the Christmas Devotional with M., R., and P. In good old Bennett fashion we had quite a few technical difficulties, but we got it all figured out and probably watched about half of it, haha! But they did make these amazing gluten and dairy free cookies, of which I ate way too many! They take such good care of us! We also got to watch it wearing snuggies. Which made me decide I should never own a snuggie because I'd be way too tempted to leave the house wearing it, haha!

So we definitely had another really great week!

Well along with the churches Christmas initiative of service for my spiritual thought of the week I want to share Mosiah 2:17, "And behold, I tell you these things that ye may learn wisdom; that ye may learn that when ye are in the service of your fellow beings ye are only in the service of your God." I have LOVED all the service opportunities I've had throughout my mission and continue to have every day! Service truly is such a blessing and makes the world a better place!

Well y'all have a blessed week and a fantastic start to your Christmas season!

Love always,
Sister Amy Bennett :)
Service at the Boxing Gym
Snuggies during the Christmas Devotional