Monday, August 17, 2015

The Lord's hand is in everything

Hey y'all!!

So a lot has happened since the last time I talked to y'all. It's been a crazy week!

First off yesterday on Fort Jackson we made our goal of 4 baptisms! It was amazing! It seemed like another week where we weren't quite going to reach our goal, but miracles are real. It's been really cool to see how much the soldiers light up after they are baptized. The gospel blesses everyone no matter where they are.

Also we got two new investigators! Funny story behind this. We were seeing one of our investigators and she was outside talking to her friend. We walked up to them and her friend thought that we were from the government. We briefly explained who we were and what we do on a mission. We talked about how we teach people about Christ and he immediately said he knew someone who needed that and asked if we could go see them. We said yes and he gave us the address. On our third attempt of trying to contact this person, she was finally home. When we got inside we soon realized that the guy who had given us this referral is her fiancé. So basically it ended up being a self referral and we think he was too embarrassed to say that in front of his friend. We laughed pretty hard about that. We've been able to teach them a couple times and then are going back again tonight!

The next really exciting thing is that M got baptized!!!!!!!! We were able to quickly pull everything together and it ended up being an amazing service! He said that he was so happy and after his confirmation on Sunday he said he felt like he was now part of the family. It was adorable! After the baptism service the Elders in my ward got on the topics of first names and they were trying to guess my first name. While they were M immediately said, "Amy." He said it so confidently, I wondered who had told him. After the Elders guessed, I asked if he already knew. He hadn't and he looked very surprised and pleased when I told him that he had guessed right haha!! It was a great day!!!

 As for the last bit of exciting news.... I am getting transferred on Wednesday! This was very unexpected, to say the least. My mission president is a big fan of keeping missionaries is the same place for a long time. The average he keeps someone in one area is 6 months. The missionary before me was here for nine months. Also training is 12 weeks, or two transfers, and missionaries are most commonly with their trainer for all 12 weeks. Also in the interviews we had a few weeks ago, President made it sound like, to both me and Sister Ward separately, that we'd be together for at least two more transfers. The way transfer calls work is that on Friday, President Turner will call all the missionaries who are being placed into leadership (training, district leader, etc.) and tell them. On Saturday the Zone Leaders send out a group voicemail saying the names of all the missionaries in the Zone that are being transferred. So for us we got a call on Friday from President telling Sister Ward that she's starting training again with another brand new missionary! If this HAD been the end of my training and Sister Ward wasn't going to train again, I wouldn't find out that I was being transferred until the group call. We don't find out where we are going or who we are going to be with until the transfer meeting on Wednesday. In the phone call to Sister Ward, President said that I was going to be placed in a training trio. Meaning that here was one trainer and two sisters that are in the second half of training. But when I saw the Assistants on Saturday for Fort Jackson Role Play, they told me that might be changing. So I guess I'll find out Wednesday haha!

So yeah, it was an exciting week, and exciting times are ahead. One thing I've learned so much on my mission is how much the Lord's hand is in everything. He's able to coordinate everything so perfectly, especially as far as missionary work goes. The Mission President spends a lot of time working on transfers. When we got the call that I was leaving, I was a little sad. I feel like I was just barely starting to get to know people really well here, we just had a baptism, and my trainer is awesome. But I knew that it is the right thing for me to be leaving. My curiosity is starting to drive me crazy though haha! But I challenge you all this week to look more at how the Lord's hand is guiding your life. It'll be fun, I promise ;)

Well that's about it for this week haha! Stay tuned next week for where I am and who I'm with! It'll be an adventure for sure! I love y'all so much!!

Love always,

Sister Amy Bennett :)

 1. This is the Fort Jackson "District."


 2. This was my district for this transfer. Three of us are leaving.

3. M's baptism!!! (We are doing the "hang loose" equivalent in Micronesia)