Monday, August 10, 2015

Miracles are all around us!

Hey y'all!

As you could probably tell for the subject line, this week had some exciting things happen! First of all it rained on Wednesday!!! That was a lot of fun, but we also got very wet. This was my first rain storm since being here and then it rained almost everyday the rest of the week. Wednesday and Thursday were really crazy though haha! The one hard thing is that when it is raining, no one opens their doors. Not even people with set appointments really want to open their door in a rain storm, so it makes missionary work a little difficult. But we had a miracle Thursday! Even though it was crazy rain, every door we knocked on, someone answered. We actually did no street knocking that day because we were able to talk to a lot of people! The funny part was on Thursday we taught the exact same number of lessons that we had taught all of the previous week combined! It was really amazing to see how God gives us hard days to appreciate the good days even more!

Another fun thing from this week is we got bikes! (Picture below) although it is an adjustment to learn how to get on and off bikes in a skirt, they have actually made it so we could contact people we wouldn't have been able to otherwise. Plus riding a bike adds a little bit of a breeze that walked doesn't, so it actually felt cooler to be on a bike haha! So we were excited about that!

Also exciting is that Cheerios are now producing gluten free!!! I found my first box of gluten free honey nut cheerios! I was so happy! That's all I ate for breakfast this week!!! It also makes me excited for when a few other flavor a of Cheerios go gluten free!

As for the biggest miracle this week, M was at Church yesterday!!! So his boss didn't want to give him Sunday off and all week we were praying for a solution. Sister Ward and I felt like we needed to move forward with faith and that everything was going to be okay. M kept asking his boss for Sunday off so he could be at Church, and he even talked to the person over his boss. But it kept not happening. We went to bed Saturday night before he got off his shift. In the morning he had called us and left a simple message. He said, "I have good news. I can come to Church." We were really excited to say the least! It also meant that we no longer would need to push back his baptismal date. During weekly planning we both kept feeling like we needed to plan for his baptism this week, but we were a little unsure. We moved forward with faith, and miracles happened. We found out that he was scheduled to work all day Saturday (the day of his baptism) and his boss wouldn't give him time Saturday and Sunday off, believable. We asked and found out that we could hold his baptism on a day that wasn't Saturday. His day off of work is usually Thursdays. We figured that we could ask him if he would want to be baptized this Thursday or wait until next Thursday. Before he answer both me and Sister Ward knew he was ready for this Thursday and that is what he said too! That makes the next few days a little crazy, so that we can have everything for his baptism all ready in 3 days haha! But I can really feel the Spirit guiding everything and the Lord is helping everything fall into place. So we are keeping our fingers crossed and a prayer in our heart for a baptism Thursday! It was really a great lesson on moving forward with faith and the Lord will provide a way!!

A scripture I really liked in my study this week is 3 Nephi 20:42. It reads: "For ye shall not go out with haste nor go by flight; for the Lord will go before you, and the God of Israel shall be your rearward." So basically Christ will go before us, or He did go before us. He came to Earth and set the example for how we should be living our lives. He's like the guide in a giant exploration and He blazes the trail for us. God is behind us on the exploration so that if we stumble or fall, He is there to catch us. This verse gave me a really cool visual that I wish I could project into this email, but unfortunately that technology doesn't exist yet haha! But basically we don't walk this earth life alone. We are surrounded on all sides by people or Heavenly Beings that are there to help us :)

This week was a big example to me that miracles are all around us. Some are big, like M getting to come to Church on Sunday. And some are small, like finding a box of Gluten Free Cheerios at Walmart. Either way, miracles surround us because God loves each of his children and He has created the plan for us to return to live with him!

I hope that y'all have a great week and that your lives are going well! I hope that we all begin to recognize more fully the miracles that surround us :) I love y'all!

Love always,

Sister Bennett :)

1. Bikes!!

2. What is this place? (Look closely at the street signs)

3 and 4. What a baptism at Fort Jackson looks like.

5. Teaching at Fort Jackson!