Monday, August 31, 2015

The Lord Provides a Way

Hey y'all!

I'm a little bit shorter on time today, so this email will probably be shorter than previous ones! But know I am doing well and having a glorious time here in Columbia!

Here's a quick rundown on this week!

Monday: We had FHE with a less active family where we are now working to baptized their unbaptized 9 year old girl! They are a fun family with crazy stories!

Tuesday: We taught this darling 9 year old boy! He's so cool and understands really well! The only hard thing is his mom is a drill sergeant at Fort Jackson and so she's always gone so it's a bit hard
to coordinate schedules.

Wednesday: We had exchanges! They kept me in the area,which was exciting seeing as how I'd only been in the area a week. But it also meant I got to be the driver! It was awesome, but a little weird to drive again after not having driven at all for two months! But we didn't get in a crash (which is quite the accomplishment here. There were so many crashes this week, including one where the sisters I live with were in. Luckily they weren't hurt or at fault!)

Thursday: We were knocking in an apartment complex after a canceled appointment and we knocked into a less active who moved there three months ago! It was a huge miracle and so we get to start working with her and her friend now! It's pretty exciting!

Friday: Nothing really exciting happened, just a usual day in the mission field!

Saturday: It was quite the interesting day haha! Both me and my companion woke up very sick. I had been badly glutenized at my Thursday dinner, and Sister Webb has these big blisters in the back of her throat and a terrible cough. We didn't want to stop the work of the Lord though, so we got up and had our usual morning. We went to the role play for Fort Jackson and then started to continue with the rest of our day. We were both feeling pretty terrible and sister Webb was having a hard time breathing. All of our plans kept falling through and suddenly all of our appointments were canceled. We didn't even have a dinner appointment. We both felt that that was Gods way of telling us we needed to go rest. We got permission to stay in, but we didn't really want to. We kept trying to go out and work, but each time we did, things just didn't work out. So we laughed and knew that God really just wanted us to rest. It helped us to feel better so we can work hard now instead of still being really sick haha!

Sunday: Was great as usual! On Fort Jackson Private S. was baptized! He was the one I taught a few weeks ago that didn't have any religious background or belief in Christ until he came to church on Fort Jackson! It was amazing to see how much he's changed in just the few weeks of coming to church! Then I went to the Columbia Ward and continued to get to know people there! 

It was a great week and I learned how God really does provide a way. Sometimes the plans we make are canceled so we can recover from illness. Sometimes they are canceled so that we can knock into a less active who has been praying for a sign. Sometimes you feel inspired to make plans that aren't the most conservative mile wise, but they lead you to a family who is curious. Whatever the case, whatever the situation you are currently in, there is a path and a plan provided for you. God created the plan, and Christ set the path. I hope this week y'all can see this more fully in your lives and y'all can look for the ways that God's hand is guiding you!

I hope y'all have a great week! I love y'all so much!

Love always,

Sister Amy Bennett :)