Monday, April 11, 2016

A Greater Follower of Righteousness

Hey y'all!!!!
How are you doing this fine spring morning?!! I use the word spring loosely because we have been enjoying... "enjoying" a little bit of cool weather the past few days. It was 32 on our way to church yesterday! But we managed to thaw out during the meeting and survive the rest of the day haha! Thank goodness for long sleeves ;)

And now for the quick run down of my week!
Last Monday was p-day! We colored and played some games so that was awesome! We had an appointment that evening but it ended up falling through :(
Tuesday we had district meeting!! That went well! We were able to see R. (the returning less active) and it was cool because his nonmember friend was there and we were able to teach her a little bit about the Gospel!! So that's always exciting! We sang at the retirement home Golden Age. My piano playing is improving, but I'm sure the old people miss Sister Yancey's amazing skills haha! But it's fun learning the other hymns! That evening we saw a less active teenager named S. She's in the family where we are teaching her 9 year old sister who hasn't been baptized. We had an appointment scheduled with all three sisters, but when we got there only S. was home haha! But we had a good lesson with her!
Wednesday morning we worked at the soup kitchen! Always a highlight!! Then we went and helped K. (J. the yoga teacher's wife) redo her bathroom! So we helped stain wood and spray paint metal rods and paint shelves! It was a lot of fun! We had an appointment fall through that evening and then we had our missionary coordination meeting!!! By this point we were thinking- it is already Wednesday night, we just had our appointment for Thursday call and cancel, and we've only taught two lessons this whole week... why are all our appointments falling through? But we did not let discouragement get the best of us and we worked hard and the rest of the week was basically the most productive 4 days of my mission!
Thursday we had our yoga class and we were able to share a thought with J. so that was awesome! Then we saw the recent convert K.! She wanted a break from 2 Nephi so we taught about missionary work and service. Then we sang at Golden Age! After dinner we were supposed to see B., but he ended up not being home. But his girlfriends 14 year old son, J.  (the one who came to church on Easter), ended up talking to us and we were able to tell him a little bit more about the Book of Mormon! So that was awesome :) Then we saw S. and S.!! With S. being younger we have a deal with her that if she participates well in the lesson, then we can do something fun afterwards. This day's reward was that we brought our makeup and she did it for us! She got very creative with mine and drew these "B"s next to my eyes for Bennett hahaha!
Friday we had weekly planning! Then we went out with a sister in our ward and visited a lady named M.   Missionaries had lost contact with M., but we were able to catch her and she told us she's been reading the Book of Mormon every day and wants to keep learning from us! Then we visited a sister in the ward and shared a quick thought with her. Then we had a pass off lesson for the M.s (the part member family who moved ward boundaries and has had a slow transition to our ward). The other sisters want to do one more pass off lesson and then we will be teaching them full force! Friday night we had a lesson with J. on patience!
Saturday we visited a less active man and read about scripture study. Then we met a man named B. who was actually outside his house while we were walking to an appointment. He called us over and started talking with us because he had seen us at the soup kitchen on Wednesday! We were able to talk with him and now he wants to learn more! wahoo!!! We had a lesson with B. that afternoon and we brought a brother from the ward who made a really good impression on B. and shared a cool story about his parent's conversion. Members are the best!  That evening we had a lesson with a lady named A. and her son K.!
Sunday we had church!! B., and the M.s family, and J. and K. came so that was awesome!!! After lunch we saw a less active who actually had previously told missionaries to stop coming by, but we are rebels ;) and we were able to share a quick message with him from the Book of Mormon and it was really cool because he was like "Maybe I should start reading from the Book of Mormon again." Then we had a visit with a sister in the ward who loves church but can't always come because of her health. Then we met a man named J. who actually moved into a house of former investigators we were trying to follow up with, so we just taught him instead haha! Then we visited a less active named V. and had a lesson with J. and K.!! After our lesson with J. and K. the four of us (J., K., Sister Staheli, and I) went four leaf clover hunting in their yard in the dark and I totally found one!! Best day ever haha :)
So this week was awesome and busy and we were able to meet some really cool people and touch their lives! Needless to saw I'm a very happy missionary :) hahaha!!
Quick spiritual thought this week from the conference talk I read this morning! I was reading the talk in the priesthood session by Elder Stephen W. Owen  and I really liked this quote. He said "Your ability to lead does not come from an outgoing personality, motivational skills, or even a talent for public speaking. It comes from your commitment to follow Jesus Christ. It comes from your desire to be, in Abraham's words, "a greater follower of righteousness." If you can do that- even if you aren't perfect at it, but you-re trying- then you are a leader." I was thinking how being a "leader" can mean a lot of different things. It can apply to being a missionary, or a mother, or a sibling, or a friend, or a teacher, or really what ever in life. As long as we are focusing on follow Jesus Christ then we are better able to help those around us. So I just really liked that this morning and wanted to share it with y'all!!
 I hope y'all have a blessed and fantastic week!! Know I'm thinking and praying for all y'all!!!
Love always,
Sister Amy Bennett :)

This little cutie listened and participated in our lesson so well that she got to put make-up on for us!
I love the "B"s!
Sister Staheli taking a "selfy" of us out on the Lord's errand!