Monday, April 25, 2016

Filling our hearts with Righteousness

Hey y'all!!!!
Highs are in the 80s and even hitting the 90s every day now so I feel a bit like Olaf... I do like warm hugs haha :) And... this week has been another great week!!
Monday: Not nearly so adventurous as last Monday haha!! We basically had a normal p-day with the exception of me thinking I knew my way around and decided not to use my GPS and accidentally taking us to Spartanburg instead of Boiling Springs.... Good thing we were ahead on miles for the month hahaha! That night we went and had dinner with J. and K. and then did a little family home evening with them! So that was a blast! We had a watermelon and J. cut it with his samurai sword! it was pretty intense haha :)
Tuesday: We had a district meeting which is always awesome! Then we were able to go see a couple people before singing at Golden Age!! Then we were able to see a really cool lady named B. after dinner. We met her a few weeks ago and I can't remember if I've said anything about her before. Anyway she was talking about how she wants to grow closer to God in her life and she really wants to come to church and read the Book of Mormon so we were excited about that!
Wednesday: We did service at the soup kitchen!! Then we were able to visit a few people that afternoon. Later we had an awesome lesson with B. about the 10 commandments. And then we had an appointment with a lady named L. who is hilarious haha!!
Thursday we had yoga day which is always fantastic!!! We also sang at Golden Age and in the evening we had a lesson with K. She's the cutest! We were talking about eternal marriage and she said the main thing she wants for her future husband is for him to have a kind heart!
Friday: We planned for our week!!! Then a lady in the ward (Sister F.) came with us to a lesson we had with a lady named N. After that Sister Staheli and I went to visit a potential who, upon first talking to us, wanted to give us the Book of Mormon back. We were able to explain to him what the book of Mormon really was and why it is important and then he asked us if it would be okay if he kept it so he could read it. So that was cool! That evening we had a lesson with J. and another one with S, and K,!
Saturday morning and afternoon literally everyone we tried was not home. Like no car in the driveway, all the lights off in the house. And our appointment for the evening canceled because he was going to the ER. But the member we had lined up for that evening came out with us anyway just to try some people and we were able to teach two lessons in the evening!!
Sunday we had church!!! The sad part was that B. was really sick and unable to make it. Also B. didn't show up. We tried calling her later and her husband answered. After a brief, but not very nice phone call, we learned that he wasn't letting her come to church or learn from us. So that made us very sad. :( But I know that God is mindful of her and will allow her one day to learn about the Gospel. It would just be nice if she could right now ! We were able to see the less active G. C. again. He was super friendly again and set up a time for us to come and teach him and his wife! Wahoo! Then we met a less active who actually had moved in with a potential we were following up with. So that was exciting! In the evening we were able to see a less active family and then meet a potential. She was interested, but said they were super busy and asked us to come back in the fall haha. My mission is really teaching me patience.

So yeah it was a really awesome week!! There were ups and downs, but that's life in a nutshell, haha!! This week for my spiritual thought I'm going to make y'all do a little homework haha! The lesson we had with J. this week was about the Armor of God, found in Ephesians 6:13-18. I want y'all to go look up those verses and then think about why each of the pieces of the armor of God are what they are. I'll give you a head start with one of them ;) There is the breastplate of righteousness. One of the most important things that a breastplate protects is the heart. As we fill our heart with righteousness there is less and less room for Satan to enter and tempt us. The more we fill our heart with righteousness, the easier it is to overcome Satan's temptations. Now go figure out the rest ;)

I love y'all so much!!! Thanks for everything y'all do to support me and help me out!! I hope y'all have a blessed week!!!

Love always,
Sister Amy Bennett :)

Amy was able to make a gluten free/dairy free pizza!  That was exciting!