Monday, November 16, 2015

The glory which shall be revealed in us!

Hey y'all!
     While trying to come up with the perfect subject line I decided it
would be fun to have it be "Jack Frost" because we had the first frost
of the year here! It would also have been perfect if we had taught
somebody named jack this week. But unfortunately we didn't. So it is
no longer the perfect subject line, but I'm using it anyway haha!
     So this week was great! Nothing too out of the ordinary, but I will
give y'all a few updates!
     On Tuesday we had a Relief Society activity where we learned how to
make scarfs via loom knitting! It was so much fun! We had such a great
time! Sister Harvey and I got into the most of anyone there!
     One of the exciting things was that last Wednesday was transfer
meetings, but since neither Sister Harvey or I got transferred we
didn't go!! Yay!!!!!
     Thursday we had another lesson with B.! She is doing so great! She
is so excited to keep learning and loves to read from the Book
of Mormon! She was telling us when the previous Elders told her about
the Book of Mormon she expected it to be some crazy new things but
then when she read it she was like, "hey! This ain't new! This is just
like the Bible." (Direct quote from her haha!) I though it was really
funny but also really cool how she was able to recognize that God's
teachings are the same in both the Bible and the Book of Mormon! A lot
of people struggle with that, so it made for a happy missionary moment
     Saturday we got to do service for a lady who had several trees fixing
to land on her house. They got broken during the rainstorm/flood from
a few weeks back! That was a lot of fun and the lady was very
     Sunday B. came to church which was so exciting! Everyone was super
friendly to her and she loved learning with all the other women in
Relief Society!

     As for a Spiritual thought this week a scripture that I have been
thinking about a lot during this week and we've been sharing with a
lot of people. It is Romans 8:18 which reads, "For I reckon that the
sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the
glory which shall be revealed in us." I love this scripture for so
many reasons! The first is it is really comforting to remember that
hard times don't last for ever. But I also really like how it talks
about how there is glory within each and everyone of us just waiting
to be revealed and the individual worth that we each have is so much
greater than our pains that we cannot even come close to comparing
them! It's just such a good scripture!

     I hope that y'all have a blessed week and know that I love and care
about each of you so much!

Love always,
Sister Amy Bennett :)

At the Relief Society Activity