Monday, November 9, 2015

Charity is understanding the eternal worth of a soul!

Hey y'all!!
I wanted to start of by saying a HUGE thank you for all of y'alls prayers and support for me this week!! I could really feel it making a big difference to me during this week! Between consulting with the mission doctor, nurse, and my genius parents back home we decided to take me off of dairy and see if that would help. The must have been the problem because I have been recovering more and more each day as I have gone off of dairy! Yay for finding solutions!!!

This week was great getting back into the regular routine of missionary life!!! This week was pretty exciting! On Wednesday we had exchanges (changing companions for a day) and I got to stay in Camden and work with Sister Bowman for a day! I lived in the same apartment with Sister Bowman in my last area so it was super exciting to get to work with her again!!!!
On Friday we had a big zone meeting. So all the missionaries that work in and around the Columbia area all got together and we were trained and inspired and uplifted! My favorite part was one of the zone leaders gave a training about what it meant to have Charity. He gave a definition that I really liked. He said that "charity is understanding the eternal worth of a soul." He continued to go on about how once we recognize how everyone is valuable to God, then everything else falls into place!
On Saturday was the dreadful thing most commonly known as transfer calls. So the Saturday before transfers a voicemail goes out to the zone saying who is leaving. Due to my track record of leaving at every transfer, I was pretty nervous that I was going to have to leave Camden and Sister Harvey. But the good news is that both me and Sister Harvey are staying! The funny thing is that in my entire zone there are 3 missionaries going home and then other than that only 2 are getting transferred. It means that my entire district of 8 missionaries gets to stay together another transfer, which is pretty unheard of! So I'm really excited!
The other exciting thing is that the main person we are working with right now, B., has decided to set the goal of being baptized on December 12! We are excited to continue working with her!
So that's it for the exciting news of this week! Thanks again for all y'all do for me! I hope y'all have a blessed week and now I pray for every single on of you!
Love always,
Sister Amy Bennett :)

Camden in the fall :)