Monday, November 2, 2015

Trusting God's actions, and also His timing! :)

Hey y'all!
This week has been fun and filled with lots of adventure and not what
you would call the usual missionary week. Last Monday I got struck down
by an unknown plague. My stomach was really unhappy each time I ate and I got
this massive headache that caused me to be extremely lightheaded and unable to
stand most of the week. Sister Harvey has been a huge blessing this week to me
in helping me out with a lot of things! My illness kept increasing until Friday.

 Saturday for Halloween I felt slightly improved! I had a great day on
Halloween!!! We had a fun Ward party with games and food and fun
and hayrides and home made apple cider! One of the fun things with that
was a woman dressed up as Indiana Jones and was carrying around her
live snake! I got to hold it for a few minutes so that was a blast!
Sister Harvey noticed a street on our map named "Haunted way" and we
decided it would be the perfect street to go to on Halloween! We took
the long drive there seeing a few people on the way and when we got
there it ended up being a creepy looking dirt road with a "no
trespassing" sign! It ended up being even better than we expected!

We were put into "lockdown" for the evening and Sister Harvey and I had
our own Halloween party! It included glow sticks, scary food, superman
t-shirts, and a whole lot of fun!  We went to church on Sunday and then were able to go
see a few people! We came in about an hour early because my abdomen was
starting to hurt like crazy. When we got home I was in so much pain that all
I could do was lie down in fetal position. Sister Harvey called the
mission nurse that we had been corresponding with this week and since
I had all the symptoms of appendicitis she sent me to the ER. We got
the fun adventure of being there in the middle of the night! My
symptoms were so similar to appendicitis that everyone was convicted I
had it. The only one that didn't was my appendix haha! They ran some
tests including a CT scan of my abdomen. The hour and a half leading
up to my CT scan they had me drink this contrast dye
thing that was supposedly vanilla flavored. It tasted like a really nasty
vanilla milkshake. They didn't find anything and then sent us back home.
We felt like such rebel missionaries getting home at 4 in the morning

But moral of the story is they didn't have to remove my appendix
so I get to keep my unnecessary organ! Yay! Haha! So that was my week
in a nutshell

There were a few tender mercies this week along with my sickness.
The biggest was with the timing of my ER trip. It wasn't on Saturday so I
was still able to have a fun lockdown party with Sister Harvey! Also
that it was late enough in the day Sunday that we were still able to
go visit a few people and help encourage them! So even when things are
hard, the Lord's hand is guiding all things. I keep learning more and
more to not only trust God's actions, but also His timing. I'm so
grateful to have an all knowing Heavenly Father who loves me and helps
me in my life! He's the best :)

So at the end of the day I am doing good! I could be doing better, but
I also could be doing a whole lot worse. I have felt God and His
angels supporting me so much. There were times when I could literally
feel hands helping to hold me up. I hope y'all are doing well and have
a great week! I love y'all!
Have a blessed
Love always,
Sister Amy Bennett :)

Lunch with Katie and Martha on Tuesday

Halloween Party Crafts!

Our favorite Halloween Costume at the Party!!

"Tracting" on Haunted Way on Halloween
Our Lock-in Halloween Party

Festive Dinner

Super Sisters!!!

Yes, we have Super Powers!
Dinner Table

Leaving the Hospital at 4 am.