Monday, November 23, 2015

Turn outside ourselves and look for ways to serve :)

Hey y'all!!!

I hope this Monday morning finds y'all safe and warm!!! It feels like
last Monday was a long time ago, but it can't already be Monday again
haha! time is such a crazy thing!!!

Quick run down of this week!
Monday:  Camden was occupied by Britain for a year during the
revolutionary war, so there's a revolutionary war site about 2 miles
from where we live. We finally went last week! Turns out the tour and
the inside of the buildings are closed on Mondays, but that meant we
got the outside of everything all to ourselves! We had a lot of fun!!
(Hence the subject line)

Tuesday: we had a special zone meeting where our Mission President
gave us some extra trainings! That was fun and always makes me excited
to work!!!

Wednesday: we finally got to hold our Book of Mormon class! So each
Wednesday the missionaries have a Book of Mormon study class, but
for the past few weeks we haven't had anyone show up, but this week we
did so we were excited!!!

Thursday: we went out teaching with one of the women from the Ward! It
was super fun and nice of her to take sometime out of her day to go
with us!

Friday: we taught B.! Brenda is doing sooo amazing!! Each time we
meet with her she is more and more excited for her baptism! She had
been doing a ton of extra reading and so she had already read up about
the things we had been planning to teach her about! So that was
awesome!!! She's going to be out of town next week, but we scheduled
with her all the remainder of the lesson appointments we need so she
will be ready for December 12! She also told us she was planning of
teaching her family the things we've taught her during thanksgiving
dinner! That made us laugh and put a big smile on our faces!

Saturday: we went around visiting a lot of the single Sisters in the
Ward! It was fun to hear their stories and spend time with these
lovely people!

Sunday: church was as good as always and was the highlight of the day!

For my Spiritual thought this week I want y'all to go online to and find the new Mormon message titled "reflections". As a
missionary new Mormon messages are super exciting and I absolutely
love this one!!!! Not to spoil it, but at the end it talks about how
when we turn outside ourselves and look for ways to serve then it is
easier to get through the hard times of life! It's just such a good
reminder to me and it is so true! I get to see every day either from
being a missionary or from the example of others what a huge
difference service makes is the life of everyone! And this video does
a really great job of showing that!

Also!! The 9 year old boy I was teaching in Columbia (J.) is going
to be baptized on December 19th!! Wahoo!!!

Well that's about it for this week! I hope y'all are doing well and
have a blessed week and an amazing Thanksgiving!!!!!!!! Eat lots of
extra food for me! (Especially pumpkin pie!!!)

Love y'all!
Love always,
Sister Amy Bennett :)

A few pictures from the revolutionary war site!! We took sooo many :)