Monday, November 30, 2015

Thankful for Ya'll!

Hey y'all!
I'm a little short on time, so this email is probably going to be
short haha! But this week was good!! The highlight was Thanksgiving!
With the holidays being this week a lot of people were out of town or
were too busy to meet haha!

So for Thanksgiving we had a sports day with some of the Sisters from
my zone and the neighboring zone! That was a lot of fun!!! We mainly
played soccer! Y'all would be so proud of me! Not only did I actually
play, but I even kicked the ball a few times! Wahoo!! Then we had
dinner with two different families! That was a lot of fun!!!! One of
them lived right on the edge of a lake! It was beautiful! It looked a
lot like Pineview so that was fun!!! The next family we went and had
dinner with had a fun tradition of doing a Christmas craft each year
after dinner! They were cute and had a craft for me and sister Harvey
as well! They were these fun wooden door wreaths with out last name
initial that we got to paint! I forgot to take a picture of it, but
I'm very proud of how it turned out!

That was really all the went on this week... It was pretty slow haha!
One exciting thing is that it was 80° a few days ago! I'm having a
hard time believing that it is actually November!

In honor of this last week being Thanksgiving, I want to let y'all
know just how grateful I am for each and everyone of you! Each of
y'all has played a significant role in my life and helped me in so
many more ways than you know! Thank y'all so much for the support you
give me on my mission! It helps a lot!!! I hope that y'all have a
great week! And a fun Christmas season!!! Yay Christmas!!!!

I sure love y'all!
Love always,
Sister Amy Bennett

1. sister sports! Please notice mine and Sister Harvey's matching t-shirts haha!

2. A beautiful field!
3. Thanksgiving Day