Monday, February 15, 2016

God has really got a handle on things!

Hey y'all!!!

How are y'all doing today??? Hopefully doing well and not too cold!! I
laugh because I was in the hottest part of the state for the hottest
time of the year and the coldest part of the state for the coldest
time of the year. I'm here in Boiling Springs at the warm temperature
of 26 degrees with humidity making it feel like 18. Which I'm sure
doesn't sound super cold to all y'all... but when I wore short sleeves
for all of December and most of January it's a tad bit cold haha!

But this week was awesome again!! This is just a really great area and
the three of us are having so much fun while being super productive!
So it's just awesome!!!

Brief overview of the week:
Monday we had p-day, which is always nice haha! Didn't do anything
super exciting, but buying food and writing y'all is always good haha!
We taught some lessons that evening!

Tuesday we taught some lessons and sang at the Nursing home Golden Age!

Wednesday we volunteered at a soup kitchen, which is always a cool
experience. And then did more teaching!

Thursday we had our yoga/martial arts class which is just super fun!!
Then we planned for this upcoming week! Then we taught some lessons!

Friday was a crazy day!! We had a big zone meeting but when we got
there it started snowing pretty heavily! They almost canceled the
meeting, but then we had it anyway. I got to do a musical number there
which was awesome!! I played the guitar while me, Sister Yancey, and
Sister Staheli sang. We did a really cool medley where we wrote our
own lyrics to the song Hallelujah (the one that's in the movie Shrek)
and then did called to serve and then sang them together. It was
really cool!!! So that was awesome!! Then we spent the rest of the
day teaching!!!

Saturday we helped paint the house of a couple that's moving. Then we
had some lessons. Then we had a ward party. It was a fun activity
where we were divided into teams and then drove around doing a picture
scavenger hunt! So that was a blast!

Then Sunday we had church and some lessons! Something cool I forgot to
say last time is that we meet in the same building as the Spanish
branch. No one in the Spanish branch can play the piano so Sister
Yancey plays the piano for their sacrament meeting so we get to go to
that. One of the Spanish Elders sits behind us and translates the
meeting for us. So basically we are the honorary Spanish Sisters. It's
pretty cool!!!

So yeah it was a great week!!
I'm going to tell y'all about someone we are working with and then tie
that into the spiritual thought for the week!
     So we are working with a guy who was baptized in September. His name
is B. and he is hilarious! He is a race car driver and loves it
so much. It's basically all he talks about. Last season he got in a
wreck where he hurt his back really badly. In a fellow up check up
just about a week ago the doctors told him that he wouldn't be able to
race any more after this season. He's really sad because racing has
been his dream his entire life and he's been doing really well and was
just about to qualify for some really big races next season. He's been
feeling really discouraged and sad, believable. Something we've been
talking about a lot with him and that I've been reflecting on is our
will verses the Lord's will.
     Sometimes in life we have these big dreams that we want and we work
our hardest to obtain them, but then something gets in the way. Some
people use this as an opportunity to get mad at God, when in reality,
the opposite is what should happen. And it's easier said then done.
But as we face opposition and trials in our life that seem to be
roadblocks, they are really caution cones that God has set up for us
so we don't go down the wrong roads. Often times what seem like
detours end up being the roads we need to take to make us the
happiest. When a door is closed a window is opened and it came become
an opportunity to find a kind of happiness we never imagined for
ourselves. It's pretty cool how much God's really got a handle on
things. I'm grateful for Him!

I hope that y'all have an awesome week! Know how much I love and pray
for y'all! Stay warm!

Love always,
Sister Amy Bennett :)

This building was built for pictures of trios!
Sister Bennett, Sister Yancey, Sister Staheli

With B.