Monday, February 29, 2016

LEAP for JOY!!! God will place us exactly where he needs us to be!!

Hey y'all!!!
This week has been another great week!!! Also I have to say Happy Leap Year to all y'all!! Wahoo! It's pretty great that I basically get an extra day of my mission ;)

Brief overview of the week! It was as busy as ever :)
Monday we had a family home evening lesson with a less active member and her nonmember brother! It was pretty cool! We are hoping to continue to work with them.

Tuesday we had a district meeting, a few lessons, and sang at Golden Age!

Wednesday we worked at the soup kitchen and painted baseboards for the same couple we've been helping out. Then we had a couple lessons.

Thursday we had interviews with our mission president. We have interviews with him quarterly. This time was a little different because we had them in companionships instead of individually. Even though they are called interviews, they are more like conversations with him on a specific topic. This interview we talked about goal setting and the different kinds of goals we set and how to include faith in our goal setting. It was pretty cool! We then had our yoga class! Then we sang at Golden Age and had some lessons. The recent convert B., that I mention a few weeks ago, is actually going to start working with the Elders now. So we had what we call a pass off lesson, where both sets of missionaries are there for a lesson.

Friday we had weekly planning (where we basically discuss every single person we are working with and what we want to teach them next, etc.)

Saturday we helped the couple move into their house! Then we went knocking and actually had several lessons from that! So that was exciting!

Sunday we had church!! Our yoga instructor, J., and his wife came to church which was super exciting! Then we had a few lessons!

So it was a great week!!
     So a pretty cool story that I feel prompted to share from this week was that right after I sent in my mission papers (before I got my call) I had a dream one night where we were teaching this lady with a couple daughters and had a very specific conversation with her. From the dream I guessed that I was going to serve in the South, so I was very excited when I got my call to South Carolina! Well this week we were having a lesson with a woman named L. We started to have a conversation that to me seemed oddly familiar, which was strange for such a specific conversation. It was then I realized that it was the very conversation from the dream I had and that L's situation matched everything from the woman in my dream. So that was a really cool moment for me!
     What I learned from that is that as we are doing our best and all that we can do, God will place us exactly where he needs us to be. It may not turn out how we expect, or we may not get there in the way we expected, but God knows what He is doing. So that was awesome for me to see so powerfully this week!
     I love y'all so much and I hope y'all have a blessed week! We have pulled back out the short sleeves as it is back in the high 60s this week haha! I hope y'all don't freeze and have a happy last day of February!!! I love y'all!!

Love always,
Sister Amy Bennett :)
Waiting for our interview with President Turner

We love those selfies

The day we went running and got caught in a giant rain storm!

Teaching a lesson with a recent convert K. :)