Monday, February 8, 2016

"This is not about what you've done, but what's been done for you."

Hey y'all!!!  :)
     I hope that y'all are having a great week! I am doing awesome!!!!
     Monday and Tuesday consisted of me packing like crazy and saying goodbye to the few people that time allowed and still trying to squeeze a couple lessons in. They were crazy days!!
     Then Wednesday was transfers!!! Although it was hard to say goodbye to Camden and Sister Harvey, I am excited for this next transfer! It should be awesome!!!
     I got transferred to a ward called Boiling Springs which is in the Northwest corner of South Carolina! We don't actually cover the city of Boiling Springs. We cover a town called Inman. I would call it a tiny town, but compared to Camden and the other cities we worked in there it's quite big haha!!  We actually have neighborhoods which make finding people to teach so much easier!!! Since we are in the upstate it's quite a bit colder here, but it's exciting because I can actually wear scarfs! Yay!! And the fun twist on the transfer is I am actually in a three pack, which means that I have two companions! It's like a giant party everyday!!!
     My companions are Sister Yancey and Sister Staheli. Sister Yancey is from Idaho and she was actually in my MTC district so that's really fun being with her again!!! Sister Staheli just got out of training (so she has been out three months) and is from St. George, Utah!! So far we have all been getting along really well and having fun together!! It's pretty funny because I thought that two girls walking down the street dressed nicely caught a lot of attention, but it's nothing compared to three girls all dressed nicely walking down the street haha!!
     Wednesday after we got to Inman (about an hour and a half away from Irmo/Columbia) we changed into service clothes and went and helped a couple that is moving. They are completely redoing the inside of their house and so we're helping with all of that!! Wednesday we pulled nails out of the walls and sanded some of the baseboards! After dinner we went out with a member to a lesson and then we had ward coordination where we met with our ward mission leader (well actually his assistant. Our actual ward mission leader is out of town for a while) and the Elders and discussed those we are working with and how we can best help them. 
     Thursday: There is an excommunicated member and his nonmember wife that we are currently working with. He is big into martial arts and yoga and wanted to have a weekly class with us, so we have permission from our Mission Presidents to have this class Thursdays at 10:30-12. Its a really cool combination of Yoga and Martial arts! It's a lot of fun! J., the teacher, is a really cool guy! Think of Frodo Baggins (from Lord of the Rings) teaching a Yoga/Martial arts class and that's J. haha! So that was awesome! It was cool because even though he's an excommunicated member, he still has a really strong testimony and was relating everything to the Gospel and to things from the Book of Mormon. For example he had these little punching statues that he uses for his kids class that we were practicing punching. And since they are for a little kids class, they look like little kids. At one point Sister Yancey punched hers and it fell down. J.  stopped us and talked about how on the inside we are all like little children and sometimes other people can hurt us and we feel like this child lying on the ground. Sometimes we need to tell people to get up and help them up, and sometimes we need to sit there on the ground (figuratively) with them and talk with them until they feel good enough to stand up. It was really cool! This class will definitely be a highlight each week!! On Tuesdays and Thursday we also go to a nursing home and sing for an hour! So Thursdays are going to be pretty awesome! Thursday afternoon we went out with a member to a few lessons And then had another lesson that evening!
     Friday we went and helped the same couple with their house. This time we were painting walls! It was awesome!! We taught 3 lessons that evening.
     Saturday we went out and tried some referrals and then went and helped the couple continuing painting their house! Then had a lesson that evening!!
    Sunday we went to church and started meeting everyone! I think everyone should be required to wear a name tag haha! We also taught the Sunbeams!  Then we were out teaching the rest of the day!
It's really cool how many lessons we were able to teach this week! Apparently that pretty usual for this area! So I'm really excited! Teaching lessons are my favorite so I'm excited to get to teach so much!!
     The other cool thing is we split the ward with the Zone Leaders so that's fun to work with such awesome Elders! So yeah, I'm really excited about this ward and everything that's going on here!!
     My Spiritual thought this week is actually going to come from a song that I really love right now. The song is titled "You are more" and it is by tenth avenue north. It talks about how we are more then the mistakes that we have made in this life because of the Savior and His sacrifice for us. There is one line that just speaks to my soul and it says, "This is not about what you've done, but what's been done for you." And I just think that line is beautiful! Because none of us in this life are going to be perfect and we will all make mistakes, but because Jesus Christ felt all of our sins and pains, with His help we can all become better people! It's just amazing! Y'all should go listen to that song!
Well I'd better stop rambling now ;) I love y'all so much and hope that y'all have a blessed week! Know that I pray for y'all everyday!!
Love always,
Sister Amy Bennett :)
Service Painting is fun!

Loving the painting!

Amy with her mission guitar!
Teaching the Sunbeams in church!