Monday, February 22, 2016

The work is awesome! My companions are awesome! The gospel is awesome!

Hey y'all!!!!

We had another fantastically busy week here in Boiling Springs!

Quick overview of the week:
Monday there was a big freezing rainstorm and so we got put on lock-down for the evening. Meaning we couldn't leave our apartment. So we did some inside productive things like making phone calls. Lock-down seems to happen to me a lot haha!

Tuesday we had a District meeting! Our District includes us, the Zone Leaders (who we split our ward with), and two sets of Spanish Elders. So that's pretty fun! Then we had a lesson with a returning less active named Robert and then a few more lessons with some really cool people. We also sang at Golden Age!

Wednesday we volunteered at the Soup Kitchen again! It's fun because we help with serving the food and after everyone has been served we get to go around talking with people. A lot of them actually have questions about the church which is pretty cool!  Then we had to go get new tires on our car. That only took about 2+ hours haha. Then we went on exchanges (switching companions for 24 hours). In a threepack it is a little different because two of the three companions end up staying together. Sister Yancey and I stayed in Inman with Sister Stoker and Sister Staheli went to Spartanburg with Sister Bird. So that was a lot of fun!

Thursday we had a few lessons and sang at Golden Age and had our Yoga day in the morning!!!

Friday we planned for our week and then had some lessons!!

Saturday we helped paint at the same house that we've been painting at the past few weeks. Then we had a lot of lessons with is great!

Sunday we had church and Sister Yancey playing at the Spanish Branch. Then we had lunch with some members and taught a couple lessons.

A cool person we have been working with is the returning less active member R. He was baptized as a young teenager and then stopped coming to church just a few years later. Sister Yancey and her companion before us were knocking in a neighborhood and actually knocked into him. The ward here didn't have his records. He was actually wanting to look for a church to go to and so was super open to learning. We have been working a lot with him. Since he wasn't active very long he doesn't remember really anything, so it's been cool working and teaching him!

As for the Spiritual thought for this week. I was reading in the Bible this morning in the book of Matthew. I read the chapter where John the Baptist gets killed and when Jesus finds out He's really sad and goes out into the wilderness to be alone. A group of people follow Him and when He sees them, instead of sending them all away, He heals and ministers to them. I was thinking a lot about what a huge example of charity that is! I know there are times when I'm dealing with things and the last thing I want to do is help someone else, but as we look for those small opportunities to serve and help others, our own problems become a lot easier to handle.

I am doing awesome here!  The work is awesome! My companions are awesome!  The gospel is awesome!  

I love y'all so much and hope y'all have a fantastic week! Know I love y'all and am praying for you!!! Have a blessed week!

Love always,
Sister Amy Bennett :)

The Three Pack! :)